Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger had a hard time defeating Portuguese coach José Mourinho, then at Chelsea.

It took the Frenchman 14 tries before it was a victory against Chelsea, and in total the result was two wins in 19 meetings.

The fact that Wenger had a hard time winning against Mourinho, the Portuguese coach believes, is the reason why he is not mentioned in the Frenchman's autobiography, which looks back on Wenger's 22 years at Arsenal.

"It's because he never hit me," Mourinho said.

VIDEO: Mourinho teases Wenger about his autobiography:

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Mourinho teases Wenger about his autobiography

"A kindergarten level"

Arsene Wenger's answer:

- It does not bother me.

It is a constant provocation on his part.

It's a kindergarten level when it comes to him.

But it's part of his personality, the coaching legend told French Canal plus.

- We beat him twice.

We have won and there were also many draws, Wenger continued.

Mourinho is now the coach of Tottenham in the Premier League.

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal 2018.