In this weekend's match between Everton and Liverpool, Everton's goalkeeper Jordan Pickford tackled the opponents' star Virgil van Dijk really and the blow took so badly that van Dijk injured ligaments in his knee and can miss the whole season.

In the same match, Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara was injured after a tackle by Everton's Richarlison.

Merseyside police are now investigating threats and hatred directed at Pickford and Richarlison on social media, according to Sky Sports.

"The language used in these posts is completely unacceptable and we take these reports extremely seriously.

The law also applies to those who seek out others via the internet and who then commit crimes such as threats and hatred ", the police write in a statement.

CLIP: Here Pickford van Dijk drops

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Pickford traps van Dijk Photo: Bildbyrån