Liverpool announces that Van Dijk will undergo surgery

  China News Service, October 19. According to the official news released by the Liverpool club, the team general Van Dyke injured his knee ligament in the game against Everton and will undergo surgery. There is currently no timetable for his return from injury.

  Liverpool’s official social media wrote: “Virgil van Dyck, who suffered a knee injury in the team’s 2:2 draw with Everton last Saturday, will undergo surgery. After the surgery, Virgil will recover as planned. Make him reach a fully healthy state as soon as possible. You will come back in a stronger posture."

Van Dijk posts on personal social media.

  In the previous Merseyside derby, Van Dijk was injured and left the game in the 12th minute.

Previously, foreign media reported that Van Dyke was injured in the cruciate ligament and needed a rest for 7-8 months.

  Regarding his injury, Van Dyke also posted on his personal social media: "I met with a top doctor this afternoon and started to discuss the details of my rehabilitation plan after the injury yesterday. I am now completely focused on my recovery and I will do my best. Come back as soon as possible. Disappointment is obvious, but I firmly believe that there are opportunities in difficult situations. When I return, I will be better, healthier and stronger." (End)