China News Service, October 18th. On the 17th Beijing time, the Spaniard announced the squad for the sixth round of the second round against Vallecano. Wu Lei was not selected due to injury. This is the first time Wu Lei has not been selected for the team this season. List.

  Before the Spaniard coach Moreno had said that Wu Lei was plagued by injuries and might allow him to rest.

Wu Lei himself revealed in last week's weekly diary that he played in the last round of the game with his injury and was replaced by a joint decision with the coach.

After the announcement of this round of the big list, Wu Lei is determined not to play in this round of West Second.

  Wu Lei has represented the Spaniard in five games in La Liga this season and has so far handed over a record of one goal and one assist.

At present, the Spaniard temporarily ranks third in the second division with a record of 3 wins and 1 draw.