Ritsu Doan Germany 1st Division Powerful Bayern Munich first goal of the season October 18th 10:30

Bielefeld's Ritsu Doan, the German first division soccer player, scored his first goal of the season against Bayern Munich at home on the 17th.

Doan, who started the game, scored a goal in the 13th minute of the second half, chasing four points.

Doan joined Bielefeld from PSV, a powerhouse in the first division of the Dutch league, for a limited time this season, which was his first goal in the first division of Germany, but the team was one against the powerhouse who won the European Champions League. I lost at 4.

Doan, who played until the end of the game, said, "I was very excited. I'm glad I got a point from the best club in the world. I'll do my best to win the team with my goal." Was there.

Italy 1st Division Maya Yoshida wins with no runs in full participation

Maya Yoshida of Sampdoria, Italy's first division, made a full center-back match against Lazio at home.

Sampdoria won 3-0 to win the second straight victory, and Yoshida contributed to the team's goalless victory.

France 1st Division Hiroki Sakai 1 Assist

Hiroki Sakai of Marseille, France's first division, made a full appearance on the right side back against Bordeaux at home and assisted in the opening goal in the first half of the 5th minute.

Marseille won 3 to 1.

Belgium 1st Division Yuma Suzuki 3rd goal this season

Yuma Suzuki of Sint-Truiden, the Belgian First Division, made a full appearance against Beerschot away and scored his third goal of the season in the 4th minute of the second half.

The team lost 3-6.