Men's Golf US Tour Round 3 Matsuyama Score goes up but ranks down October 18th 10:35

The third round of the men's golf tournament in the United States was held in Nevada, and Hideki Matsuyama increased his score by two, but his ranking dropped from 8th to 10th on the previous day.

Matsuyama, who is the only Japanese player to participate in this tournament, went around the third round on the 17th with 5 birdies and 3 bogies to increase the score by 2 to a total of 8 under.

However, the ranking dropped by two to 10th place, 7 strokes behind the lead.

Matsuyama said, "I think the shots and putts are getting better, but it's a bit difficult to get results. I want to switch firmly and do my best."

Russell Henry of the United States increased his score by 5 to take the lead with a total of 15 under.