Just like on Saturday, Luleå was the slightly better team and the first big chance was given to Michela Cava who came completely free with Alba Gonzalo in the HV goal, who, however, made a huge save.

Luleå would receive a dividend.

Immediately after Cava's chance, Petra Nieminen got a position after technical and with a quick shot the score was 1-0.

Luleå continued to grind on and received dividends in powerplay through Vivi Vainikka.

In the second period, it looked like the previous teams between when Luleå got a lead.

The team played in a controlled manner and Vivi Vainikka got the chance when she was released.

But again, Gonzalo made a nice save.

But just like in the first goal, it came 3-0 immediately after the nice save.

This time it was Josefin Persson who steered in a pass from Linn Peterson.

HV, then?

Well, they had a bit of play going forward on the two occasions when you had to play in numerical superiority, but no goal was scored.

HV came back

Not until the beginning of the third period when Danielle Stone reduced after 1.51 and gave energy to the team.

Suddenly, it was HV71 who controlled the game and was on for further reduction.

and it came when Sidney Morin put 2-3 when Luleå's Petra Niemeinen was sent off.

And there would be more.

Michelle Löwenhielm stayed ahead and got the equalizer to 3-3 when the team got the chance to play in numerical superiority again.

In overtime, Jessica Healey set the winning goal for HV71.

Luleå had the chance to repeat the result from the previous meetings, but the team lost focus and HV was able to sneak up and pass.

CLIP: Clear victory again for Luleå (October 18, 2020)

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Luleå's Sara Grahn was a contributing factor to Luleå once again defeating HV71.

Photo: Bildbyrån