Sjöström, who on Friday won in the 100 meter butterfly and 50 freestyle, started Saturday by winning the 100 freestyle in the time 51.17.

In the 100 meter individual medley, Sjöström then won the time 57.74.

The 27-year-old Swedish swimming star finished the day with a third place in 200 freestyle, the time 1.54.61 was barely three seconds slower than the winner and teammate Siobhan Haughey from Hong Kong, and a second place in 50 butterfly in the time 25.25, half a second slower than Béryl Gastaldello from France.

Swim home mixed team cap

In addition, Sjöström participated and swam home the mixed team race in the 4x100 meters freestyle together with Haughey and Messrs. Simonas Bilis and Chad le Clos in one of Energy Standards teams.

ISL is a mixed team competition in short course (25-meter pool) with ten teams that meet in matches and collect points.

The basic series is decided in October-November and then the eight best teams reach the semifinals.

The four best teams from there will then compete in the final later in November.

KLIPP: After nine months - Sjöström took double victories in the bubble

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Sarah Sjöström during the WC 2019. Photo: Bildbyrån