Anthony Lozano became the only goal scorer of the match between Cadiz and Real Madrid.

After just over a quarter of an hour, he scored 1-0 for the newcomer.

The goal gave Real Madrid time to wake up and come back, but the reigning champions' club had a hard time.

Cadiz impressive and was able to hold off and take three points.

399 days ago Real fell at home in La Liga

Thus, they broke Real Madrid's suite in 15 games without a loss.

It was the first time in 399 days that Real lost at home in La Liga.

It has never happened that Real Madrid have lost at home to a La Liga newcomer.

It was a historic victory for Cadiz.

The club, which has been around for 110 years, has never defeated Real Madrid away in a competitive context.

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Three unlikely results this PL season.

Photo: Bildbyrån