Men's Golf America Tour Tournament Matsuyama rises to 8th place October 17, 11:02

The second round of the men's golf tournament in the United States was held in Nevada on the 16th, and Hideki Matsuyama increased his score to 6 unders in total and moved up to 8th place.

Matsuyama, who is the only Japanese player to participate, started the second round in 14th place, 5 strokes behind the lead, and increased the score by 4 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey to a total of 6 under.

I raised the ranking to 8th place, 8 strokes behind the lead.

Matsuyama said, "Pat is hitting with a good feeling. There are times when I can go to the top even if I feel bad, and there are times when I miss the qualifying at best. I just do what I can."

Zander Shafrey of the United States increased his score by 8 with 6 consecutive birdies and took the lead with a total of 14 under.