It was a pretty mediocre event between the two supposed top teams.

A safe play Manchester City decided the match on a return after a shot by Phil Foden which was parried by Bernd Leno in the Arsenal goal.

The ball went straight out to Raheem Sterling who easily placed the ball in.

Arsenal played towards the end of the first half and the closest equalizer was Bukayo Saka who came free after a wall play but did not manage to pass Ederson in the City goal.

But it was City who had the most opportunities.

Safe playing City

In the second half, Manchester City played even more on safety.

After a shaky period with a big loss against Leicester (2-5) and 1-1 against Leeds, the three points were more important than going for more goals going forward.

Arsenal did not manage to get any real forcing in the end.

Manchester City won fairly

CLIP: List of three unlikely results (05 October 2020)

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Three unlikely results this PL season.

Photo: Bildbyrån