Getafe's great hero was Jaime Mata who scored the winning goal on a penalty in the 56th minute.

Even though it was a real bang, Getafe won fairly.

Barcelona may have had the ball a lot, 73 percent of the time, but the chances were mostly the home team's.

Not least the Colombian Cucho could have decided the match earlier when he burned two super chances.

Partly a shot that Barcelona's goalkeeper Neto steered up the crossbar, partly when he ran free of rubbish but was so tired that he got his whole foot and half of his lower leg under the ball that ran away high above.

Messi close

Instead, Barcelona could have taken a point during the six-minute stoppage time when they created two great chances.

Lionel Messi, who was quite pale by the way, had a chance to shoot in the penalty area and at the very end, defender Djene Dakonam nodded in his own crossbar.

But overall, it was Getafe who had the most and best finishes and does not have to apologize for the points.

CLIP: 17-year-old Fati two-goal shooter for Barcelona (28 September 2020)

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17-year-old Anssumane Fati scored Barcelona's first two goals.

Photo: BildbyrÄn