Anne Terpstra won a silver medal on Saturday at the European Mountain Bike Championship in Monte Tamaro, Switzerland.

The 29-year-old Dutch only had to tolerate the French world champion Pauline Ferrand-Prévot in the final.

Terpstra finished after five laps at 41 seconds behind the unapproachable Ferrand-Prévot, who already left everyone in the first lap.

Ukrainian Yana Belomoina completed the podium.

The other Dutch participants played no significant role.

Sophie von Berswordt finished seventeenth at just over five minutes from Ferrand-Prévot and Anne Tauber stepped out of the match.

Terpstra took revenge with her second place for the disappointing World Cup last week in Leogang, Austria.

She was also one of the top favorites for the gold at the time, but she already dropped out in the second round.

Later on Saturday, the men will still compete on the European Championship mountain bike.

Milan Vader is the only one to represent the Netherlands in the final.