On the evening of August 22, Beijing Guoan lost 1:2 to Shanghai SIPG.

After the game, Guoan players expressed their gratitude to the fans watching the game.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  Chinanews.com, October 14th. From October 16th to November 12th, the second stage of this season’s Super League will reignite battles in Suzhou and Dalian. 16 clubs will also officially start the championship and relegation. screen.

  According to the official Chinese Super League, in order to better serve the fans and meet the needs of fans watching the game, under the successful opening experience of the first stage and the guidance of epidemic prevention experts, the second stage of the Chinese Super League will continue to be based on strict epidemic prevention and control. , Limited increase in the scale of opening, safe and orderly organization of fans to enter the game.

  With the end of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, 16 Chinese Super League clubs are temporarily leaving the stadium and entering a short offseason.

At the same time, the Chinese Football Association and the Suzhou and Dalian organizing committees are involved in the second stage of preparations.

Among them, regarding the second stage of ticketing and open stands plan, the organizing committees of the two places held discussions with local governments and multiple units and departments such as epidemic prevention, transportation, security, venues, etc., and actively communicated with ticketing agencies and club fan organizations. Do a good job of fans watching the second stage.

  The Chinese Super League officially revealed that taking into account the epidemic prevention policies of the two places, venue conditions, and fan conditions, the second stage of the Chinese Super League Suzhou and Dalian divisions will implement ticketing and open stands plans respectively.

Among them, the Suzhou competition area plans to open all competitions, while further expanding the scale of the game, simplifying the ticket purchase process, without submitting nucleic acid test reports; the Dalian competition area plans to open the Dalian Sports Center Stadium and Dalian Jinzhou Stadium two stadiums. The open capacity of each stadium is expanded to 3000 seats.

  Under the influence of the epidemic, the Super League did not open fans to the stadium until the sixth round.

Among them, 1588 fans watched the game between Guoan and Shanghai.

With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, fans gradually have the opportunity to return to the Super League to watch the game.

At present, the scale of the second stage of the game is expanded, and more fans will go to the two regions to watch the game.