Lotte Draft 1st place Sasaki to pitch in 1st army this season Director Iguchi declares October 13th 18:15

Regarding pitcher Roki Sasaki, the first-ranked rookie in the draft of professional baseball Lotte, manager Tadahito Iguchi has expressed his intention to pitch in one army during this season.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has the fastest straight of 163 km, was nominated as the first place from the four teams at the draft meeting last year, and as a result of the lottery, he was decided to join Lotte.

On the 13th, Lotte coach Iguchi, who was interviewed by media companies at the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City, said about pitcher Sasaki, "If you think of it as a force, you can do it, and if you manage to release it," now He showed his intention to pitch in one army during the season.

Pitcher Sasaki pitched for a real-world seat batting in May, marking 160 kilometers at that time.

After that, I slowed down the pace of adjustment due to anxiety about my physical condition, but even after the start of the season, I continued to practice while accompanying the 1st army.

The specific time for pitching in the 1st army has not been decided, but the first thing to do is to go up to the mound in the match of the 2nd army.

Manager Iguchi said, "I'm throwing a pretty powerful ball even with a bullpen. I wonder how much better pitcher Sasaki will be and throw it in the game."