Norris Cole (left) will have played forty seconds against Cholet.



  • American Norris Cole played the first 40 seconds of the Cholet-Asvel match on Sunday afternoon, before leaving the field.

  • Asvel had learned during the warm-up that he was positive for Covid but did not remove his player from the scoresheet where he was announced in the five major.

  • Gilles Bourdouleix, the mayor of Cholet, got angry and promises not to stop there.

An incredible imbroglio and a big controversy.

Sunday afternoon, the American Norris Cole tested positive for Covid-19 and immediately left the field after 40 seconds of play, during Sunday's meeting between Villeurbanne and Cholet in Elite basketball (73-82), provoking the anger of the Choletais mayor.

“In accordance with the Euroleague Covid-19 protocol, the entire group was tested on D + 1 of Friday's match.

This test detected one additional positive player.

The results having arrived just before the kick-off of the match, the player was immediately taken out of the match as a precaution ”, tweeted Asvel.



In accordance with the Covid-19 protocol of the EuroLeague, the whole group was tested on D + 1 of the Friday match.

This test detected one additional positive player.


- LDLC ASVEL (@LDLCASVEL) October 11, 2020

"We learned it during the warm-up, explained in a press conference, Freddy Fauthoux, who replaces on the bench TJ Parker placed in solitary confinement after a positive test for Covid-19.

Since it was on the sheet, I could not change it before kickoff.

The League knows about it.

I did my job.


The great anger of the mayor of Cholet on social networks

"Faced with the behavior of Asvel during the match against Cholet on Sunday afternoon, playing a positive player for Covid-19, I will initiate criminal proceedings against this club and the LNB, reacted strongly to the mayor of Cholet, Gilles Bourdouleix (various right).

Irresponsibility in this health context must be punished!


There will be no more matches at the Meilleraie as long as French basketball is managed by the irresponsible @LNBofficiel!


- Gilles BOURDOULEIX (@GBOURDOULEIX) October 11, 2020

Faced with the behavior of @LDLCASVEL during the match against @CB_officiel this afternoon, playing 1 player positive for Covid-19, I will initiate criminal proceedings against this club and the @LNBofficiel.

Irresponsibility in this health context must be punished!


- Gilles BOURDOULEIX (@GBOURDOULEIX) October 11, 2020

Upon returning from his trip to Milan in the Euroleague (87-73 defeat), Asvel carried out PCR tests and now has four cases of Covid-19 within its workforce: two players whose names have not been communicated , as well as Norris Cole and head coach TJ Parker.

Two defeats by forfeit to come?

The Villeurbanne are due to play two Euroleague matches this week at the Astroballe: against the Greeks of Panathinaikos on Tuesday (8:45 p.m.) and against the Serbs of the Red Star of Belgrade on Thursday (8:45 p.m.).

If the workforce were to be placed in quarantine following these four cases of Covid-19, the two European meetings could be lost 20-0, because the Euroleague basketball which manages the competition opted for a defeat by forfeit for a team which is not able to field eight players and does not plan to postpone the meeting.

On the other hand, repeated forfeits due to Covid-19 do not result in disqualification from the regular season.


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