"We will work even harder"

The second stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup has ended in Moscow.

Alexandra Trusova became the winner in the girls' competition.

Despite the fall and several mistakes, she managed to get ahead of Kamila Valieva, who was in the lead after the short program, as well as Daria Usacheva.

Eteri Tutberidze's students took second and third places, respectively.

Summing up the results of the performance, Trusova admitted that she did not know why of all the quadruple jumps she did not succeed in exactly Lutz.

At the same time, she expressed the hope that in the future she will be able to skate without mistakes.

“Today, quads did not work out a little lutz.

I would like, of course, to execute without errors.

I don't know why I fell off him.

In principle, I'm not mistaken on it, I do it cleanly in training.

Excitement is always present in the competition, but we will work even more, including on quads.

Over skating, over rotation - over everything, "Trusova said on the First Channel.

The rivals of Evgeni Plushenko's ward were also not without mistakes.

According to Valieva, she usually does not fall when performing a lutz, so she cannot add to her current performance.

“Falling off a lutz is not a performance by the masters.

You must always ride clean.

I am satisfied with the short program, during which I was almost not nervous.

But that's why it is short - only three jumps, there is no need to be nervous.

And on the free one you need to work even more than before.

Apparently, something clicked in me wrong.

My motivation is not to make such ridiculous mistakes anymore and skate clean.

Well, be sure to make two sheepskin coats, ”Valieva said.

In turn, Usacheva was disappointed with a blot on the final spin.

“We will learn from this tournament that you need to keep the elements to the end, endure, be more confident in yourself.

Of course, I must continue to strive for high places, learn something new every day, improve myself technically, work on myself internally, "Usacheva summed up.

"We are glad that you are smiling, Sasha"

Many experts admired Trusova's progress compared to last season.

According to the honored trainer Tatyana Tarasova, the girl not only improved her technique, but also began to feel the music better.

“Sheepskin coats are amazing.

You can learn a sheepskin coat from this video.

Such an away back is accurate!

She is an outstanding girl.

She is a different girl who loves these jumps.

It began to spin better, it rides better.

I was surprised by her getting into the music on the track.

She hears music and goes into it.

We are glad that you are smiling, Sasha! "

- the specialist commented on Trusova's speech.

The changes in Aleksandra's skating were also noted by the two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov.

He admitted that he used to consider her former colleagues in the Tutberidze group, Alena Kostornaya and Anna Shcherbakova, to be stronger, but now his opinion has changed.

“Trusova became more mature, in the free program I did not notice any changes in her, but in the short program she was more artistic.

It seemed that Sasha was aware of what he was doing on the ice.

She skated to not my favorite music (I skated to her in Vancouver), but in terms of choreography, she had very big shifts.

Here we need to say a huge thank you to the choreographers ", - quotes the words of Trankov" Championship ".

The winner of the 2019 Universiade, Betina Popova, also drew attention to the changes in Trusova's skating.

“She really started to skate and slide more smoothly.

If I may say so, it has become more feminine.

Whether this is connected with the transition to a new coaching staff or with growing up, I don't know.

I do not exclude either one or the other.

It can be a combination of factors.

It can be seen that Sasha has changed for the better.

She's a great fellow.

It can be seen that it is progressing, ”Sport24 quotes Popova.

Experts also noted the complexity of Alexandra's short and free programs.

1994 Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov praised her for her almost flawless execution of the triple axel.

He also congratulated the coaching staff headed by Plushenko on the success.

“In my opinion, Sasha's triple axel is quite a working one - they will still finish it, they will finalize it.

And the fact that they are not yet inserting it into "arbitrariness" is correct - it is impossible to grasp the immensity.

You need to put on a free program with what Sasha can handle.

So far, she does not fully cope with this either, but it still looks pretty, ”Urmanov told TASS.

And the 1988 Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova was impressed by the quadruple lutz Trusova.

According to her, the skating of the bronze medalist of the European Championship 2020 is a unique phenomenon in modern figure skating.

“I don’t want to discuss refereeing at all.

Today we saw a figure skating holiday, it was extraordinary.

This is just the start of the season, but what a struggle!

Trusova has fantastic jumps, it is no coincidence that she got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Men don't jump the quadruple lutz like she does.

Yes, she made blots, but she made two quads, one of which has a triple sheepskin coat, ”Bestemyanova admired.

The athlete and the Angels Plushenko coaches were congratulated on the success of her former mentor Alexander Volkov.

“She added in the second grade.

Again, I'm not talking about Saturday's second assessment, but skating has become feminine, ”Volkov explained.

At the same time, the opinions of experts about the free program of Valieva were divided.

So, Urmanov noted the complexity of her number "Bolero", but expressed the opinion that a less serious composition would suit the young figure skater.

“Camila is a gentle, charming girl, and in any case, the way she skates it is interesting.

But I want to see lighter programs - war is war, but there are different stories in war.

Besides, we don't have a war game, but figure skating.

Someone wants to see a light, flying, maybe even a cartoon composition, but the coaches, of course, know better.

Maybe such music energizes girls for quadruple jumps? "

- said Urmanov.

Trankov also called the choice of music for Valieva controversial.

At the same time, he did not criticize her for her mistakes, since previous performances had already clearly demonstrated her potential.

“Nothing happened to Valieva.

A young girl with a great future.

Her last year's programs went down in figure skating history and graced our view.

"Bolero" is a very difficult topic, it is difficult for me to speak in favor of the choice of music.

Tutberidze and Gleikhengauz, due to their success, know better what music to choose, but for me this is very controversial.

This is a more mature composition.

If Camila can handle her at the end of the season, there will be a bomb!

But now it looks damp - from the test runs to this day, "Trankov summed up.

But Natalia Bestemyanova praised Valieva's efforts and praised the skater for her choreography.

“I am also absolutely delighted with Camila.

She had a bad hire, but she still makes an indelible impression with her lines, plasticity, amazing spins.

Every girl is a phenomenon.

Usacheva, who does not have quadruples and triple axels, also skated very soulfully, ”she concluded.