Rennaise Laëtitia Blot will participate this Thursday evening in the first MMA competition organized in France.


Laëtitia Blot

  • The first official MMA competition in France is organized this Thursday evening in Vitry-sur-Seine.

  • Former judokate and wrestler, Rennaise Laëtitia Blot will be featured in the tournament.

  • She intends to prove that her discipline is not a brute sport or "street fighting".

She has an appointment in a cage for a great first.

This Thursday evening, the Rennaise Laëtitia Blot, 37, will be showing at the MMA Grand Prix in Vitry-sur-Seine, the first MMA (mixed martial arts) competition organized on French soil.

“I will be the first woman in France to be in an octagon,” she smiles.

We remind you that tomorrow will take place in Vitry, the first official MMA event organized in France.

Things won't be the same 👏

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Made popular by the fights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), MMA has long dragged a sulphurous reputation in France because of the violence of the fights, where all blows (or almost) are allowed.

Banned in France since 2016, the discipline finally received the green light from the Ministry of Sports at the start of the year.

"I didn't want anyone to damage my face"

A relief for Laëtitia Blot who nevertheless discovered MMA late.

But not the martial arts because the Rennaise already has behind her a long career of judokate, punctuated by many trophies including a title of champion of France in 2016. Not selected for the Rio Olympics that same year because "too old" according to the Federation , she will finally leave the tatami mats, disgusted.

She will then branch off into wrestling where she will once again win a title of champion of France a year later.

#ImageDuJour Laetitia #Blot: from #judo to the tire of the 2017 French champion of #Westling (-63 kg).


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The judokate and wrestler then put her sports career on hold to devote herself to her job as a controller on board the Thalys.

Until October last year.

Her friend David Ducanovic, who is now her coach and manager, then convinced her to prepare for the launch of MMA France.

“I wasn't hot at all at first because I didn't want anyone to damage my face,” she says.

I had seen fights where it was bleeding a lot.

But he managed to convince me ”.

Not a brute sport nor "street fighting"

To perfect her technique and learn kicks and punches, Laëtitia Blot set sail for Thailand in November for an express course lasting ten days.

“I was doing 5 to 6 hours of training a day, I really had it down,” she says.

She now feels ready to challenge the Portuguese Leonora Nascimento and show the general public that MMA is not a brute sport or "street fighting".

"It's a sport that deserves to be known because we bring together all the martial arts in a single discipline", indicates the one who secretly dreams of joining the prestigious and lucrative UFC league.


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