Sharjah is the most ready for the season with 11 games ... and Fujairah is the most victorious

Al-Nasr rejects the loss in the "valleys" ... and Khor Fakkan has no victory

  • Khaled Obaid: "Friendly matches constitute 60 to 70% of the players' readiness for league matches."


Teams' readiness for the start of the new sports season varied, after a long hiatus of six months due to the Corona pandemic, there are clubs that helped them to play a large number of friendly, as well as official matches by participating in the AFC Champions League, led by Sharjah, the Arab Gulf League title holder, who fought 11 A match, to impose itself the most prepared teams for the new season, while Al-Nasr attracted attention without official confrontations, as it fought five friendly matches, winning four and a draw in one, and in return, Khor Fakkan did not achieve any victory in seven friendly matches, which he played so far.

The friendly tournaments organized by the sports councils contributed to the increase in the number of preparatory matches, most notably the Sharjah and Abu Dhabi championships, while the three teams that played the AFC Champions League succeeded in gaining strong contact with foreign teams, unlike the rest of the teams that relied for the first time on local matches.

Many teams have failed to find enough matches to prepare, in light of the Corona virus, which has caused the cancellation of a large number of matches, so that Hatta and Baniyas are the least two teams to compete in friendly matches with only three matches, and the circumstances were desired that they would meet at the start of the sports season and the Arabian Gulf Cup. .

Looking at the teams that won the most friendly matches, we find the Fujairah team the most to win, winning five of the eight matches the team fought before the start of the new season, and looking at the teams that competed in the AFC Champions League, we find that Al Ain settled for the nine matches, which ended in the last A match in the AFC Champions League, during which he succeeded in defeating Al-Nassr with a free goal, and Al-Ahly's youth were satisfied with their matches until the end of their tournament, in which they lost to Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia with a penalty shootout.

Former Al-Nasr team manager and sports analyst, Khaled Obaid, confirmed that “friendly matches are not considered the true measure of teams’ readiness for the new season, and the technical staff does not consider a result as much as it looks at certain things, including implementing a game plan, and testing the players ’physical and technical readiness for matches or Testing a player in a specific place on the stadium, and coaches seek during these matches to benefit the most.

He said to Emirates Today: “There is no team that is not looking to win even in friendly matches, and it is an implicit goal, and the technical staff works on the psychological and mental side of the players as well, as it is always looking for maximum benefit from these matches, which constitute from 60 to 70%. Of the players ’readiness for the league matches, and the teams’ readiness differed this season due to the Corona pandemic, which certainly has greatly affected the teams, but it can be said that the three teams that participated in the AFC champions are the most ready for the new season.

Al-Nasr is looking for a "friendly" before the start of the league

Al-Nasr is looking for a new friendly match, before the start of the Arab Gulf League, after he moved away from the first round of the Arab Gulf Cup and rose to the quarter-finals directly as the champion of the competition, where he will face his guest Al-Jazira in the league, in an early summit on his land, after strengthening the ranks With two distinguished players.

Al-Nasr will meet Al-Jazira on Thursday 17th at Al Maktoum Stadium in the first round, a match that will test the readiness of the two teams for the league.

For his part, a member of the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Company, the general supervisor of the football team, Abdul Rahman Mohammed, told «Emirates Today»: “The team continues its daily training in preparation for the launch of the league, and we will face difficulty in finding the right team, due to the clubs’ association with participating in the Arabian Gulf Cup. The first division teams are also linked to the President's Cup qualifiers.

Hatta and Baniyas are the fewest teams to compete in friendly matches with only three matches.

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