Women's Golf US Tour Final Round Nasa Hataoka remains in 4th place October 5th, 8:11

The final round of the women's golf tournament in the United States was held in New Jersey on the 4th, and Nasa Hataoka, who started in 4th place, increased her score by 2 to a total of 14 under, but the ranking remained unchanged and was 4th. ..

Hataoka, who entered the final round in 4th place with a total of 12 under, took 4 birdies by 9th in the first half, but hit 3 bogies in the second half.

The result was 6 birdies and 4 bogies, and although the score was increased by 2 to a total of 14 under, the ranking remained unchanged and it was 4th place, 5 strokes behind.

Hinako Shibuno increased the score by two, such as taking an eagle on the 18th par 5, with a total of 6 unders and 27th place, Yui Kawamoto with a total of 4 unders and 40th place, and Ayako Uehara with a total of 1 under and 54th place. ..

The winner was Melissa Reed of England, who kept the lead alone, and increased the score by 4 to a total of 19 under.