The best sprinter in Japan !? Tonight Men's 100m Final Japan Championships in Athletics October 2nd 19:01

On the night of the 2nd, the Japan Championships in Athletics will have the biggest attention, the men's 100-meter final.

Yoshihide Kiryu and Aska Cambridge will take part in the race for the best sprinter in Japan.

The Japan Athletics Championships held in Niigata City will be held on the second day of the tournament, at 8:30 pm on the 2nd, the men's 100-meter final, which will determine the number one sprinter in Japan.

The players are entering the venue one after another and making final adjustments.

Of these, Kiryu entered the indoor practice area after 5:30 pm, showed a relaxed appearance by talking with the staff with a smile, and lightly improved to prepare for the race.

Shuhei Tada, who passed the semi-finals in the fastest time, was improving his concentration while running in the subground.

Cambridge entered the indoor practice area shortly after 6 pm, less than two and a half hours before the race.

In the final, Cambridge will be in 4 lanes, Yuki Koike with a personal best of 9.98 in 5 lanes, Tada in 6 lanes, and Kiryu in 7 lanes.

The men's 100-meter final, in which the championship candidates run side by side, and the race for the best in Japan by eight finalists are expected to be settled in the 9-second range for the first time in history.

NHK will broadcast on General TV from 7:30 pm.

You can also watch it on NHK Plus.