The men's 100m track and field championship is Yoshihide Kiryu Time 10 seconds 27 Japan Championship October 2, 20:46

In the Japan Championships in Athletics, the men's 100-meter final was held, and Yoshihide Kiryu won the championship for the first time in six years with a time of 10 seconds 27 in a headwind of 0.2 meters.

Aska Cambridge was second and Yuki Koike was third.

Kiryu's "Two Growths"

It was the first time in six years for Kiryu to win the Japan Championship. This year, it showed solid growth on the biggest stage.

The point is two improvements that Kiryu has been working on. First is "start". In the month leading up to the Japan Championships, Kiryu has been working on improving the first half, such as changing the position of the "starting blocks" where he puts his foot at the start. Looking ahead to next year's Olympics, I thought that "starting out" was indispensable for stepping up.

On the 1st, the failure in the semi-final, which he recalled as "I'm sick," was highlighted, but in fact, as I aimed at in the previous qualifying, I jumped out from the start and flowed in the second half to respond to the new start with 10 seconds 21. I was feeling.

Furthermore, "last 20 meters" has also grown. This was due to the effect of the new coronavirus, which was a result of the self-restraint period at home. We brought the equipment to our house to make it a quick training room, and thoroughly devoted ourselves to weight training centered on the lower body. The aim was to create a strong lower body that would not stall in the second half 20 meters.

The results have definitely appeared, and by the time of the Japan Championship, we have shown a sense of stability that stands out among the top players, such as marking 10 seconds 0 cars four times.

And the final on the 2nd. From a smooth start, he gained speed in the middle of the race, and in the last 20 meters, he took the lead over strong Koike and Cambridge players in the second half and won a close battle.

It was the fastest race in Japan for the first time in six years, and it was a race that gave Kiryu confidence for next year's Tokyo Olympics.