Chinanews client, October 2 "This is the best birthday gift we give to the motherland. I am honored to be able to break the world record today." After the preliminaries of the male and female 4×100m mixed swimming relay, Xu Jiayu was interviewing Weep with joy.

Xu Jiayu cried with joy

  In the game on the evening of the 1st, he and Zhang Yufei, Yan Zibei, and Yang Junxuan formed the Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang and Lu team to swim in 3:38.41, breaking the world record held by the US team (3:38.56).

  Not surprisingly, after a night of fermentation, this news was on the hot search.

It is also no surprise that there is still a big discussion about physical fitness testing.

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  In this National Swimming Championship, the competition system is different from the past.

The Swimming Center of the State General Administration of Sports combines physical fitness competitions with swimming competitions. The top 16 athletes in the preliminaries are ranked according to their physical fitness scores, and the top 8 athletes in the physical fitness competition enter the final.

This rule means that only players who meet the top 8 physical test rankings and the top 16 preliminaries can enter the finals.

  Therefore, in the previous games, some "not consistent with cognition" appeared.

For example, Wang Jian Jiahe broke the women's 1500m Asian record with a time of 15:45.59 in the preliminaries, but missed the final due to a low physical test score.

On the evening of the 29th, in the women's 200m freestyle preliminaries, Wang Jian Jiahe won the third place in the preliminaries, but missed the final for the third time because of physical testing issues.

  The same is true for athletes such as Fu Yuanhui and Yu Hexin. They ranked first in the preliminaries, but they missed the final because of their low physical fitness test scores.

Data map: Fu Yuanhui in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  It is worth noting that the athletes who broke the world record this time are not only outstanding in athletic performance, but also ranked among the best in physical fitness tests.

So in this special swimming championship, they are still able to do well.

  In the women's 100m butterfly final held on September 30, Zhang Yufei, who represented the Jiangsu team, won the championship with an excellent result of 56.29 seconds.

  In the preliminaries on the evening of the 29th, Zhang Yufei swam 55.62 seconds and set a new Asian record, breaking the Asian record of 56.07 set by Liu Zige in the era of fast swimsuits, and the Swedish star Shestrom The world record created is only 0.14 seconds away.

At last year's Gwangju Swimming World Championships, this result was enough for Zhang Yufei to win the gold medal in this event.

Data map: Zhang Yufei in the final of the 4x100m medley relay for swimming in the Jakarta Asian Games.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  Regarding the breakthrough in performance, Zhang Yufei said that physical improvement is inseparable.

"Because my physical fitness was relatively weak in the past, a lot of time and energy were invested in special training, so it took me about 4 to 5 months to improve my basic physical fitness to a relatively balanced level."

  According to reports, Zhang Yufei could only carry 15 kilograms in pull-ups at first, and she was still swaying when she did the action, but after half a year, she could already carry 40 kilograms and perform the most standard movements.

  This also gave Zhang Yufei a deep understanding of the promotion of the butterfly stroke by the improvement of upper limbs and core strength.

"The improvement of core strength has helped me to better complete the butterfly butt lift and control the rhythm of the action in the water, and to swim more smoothly and maintain the streamline in the water. All of these have further improved my special training level. I think the emphasis and investment in physical training is very helpful to the special performance."

Data map: Xu Jiayu won the men's 100m backstroke final of the 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  In previous competitions, Xu Jiayu won two gold medals in the men's 100-meter backstroke and the secondary 200-meter backstroke.

He also believes that these results benefited from the improvement of physical fitness.

  "The improvement in physical fitness for a period of time has supported me to perform better in the sprint phase of swimming competitions. I also put my special concentration and willpower on physical training, making it clear that physical training is as important as special training. Although it’s hard to practice physical fitness, I will also try my best to achieve good results in the physical fitness test. I will continue to make up for shortcomings in physical fitness, strengthen special training, and strive to create better results." Xu Jiayu said.

  Starting from this spring, Xu Jiayu has been exposed to more fresh and fresh physical training methods, such as 4D core training and plate physical training.

  Xu Jiayu said frankly that at first he was somewhat resisted because he failed to get the desired score in the test: "But how can you know if you can do well without trying? Especially the core strength, which is too important for swimming! The difficulty is the core strength. It is difficult to involve in our special training, and we must break through in an environment that fights gravity. 4D core strength training gives us a higher upper limit, and it is also easy to check the gaps and make special breakthroughs for weak links."

  "Completing special technical actions in a normal gravity environment has also made me realize how important core strength is for maintaining body position in the water. Plate physical training is the most effective way for swimming to compensate for the shortcomings of muscle endurance and hone the quality of will. ."

Data map: Xu Jiayu.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  Regarding the controversial topic of the previously controversial swimmer's 3000-meter run, Xu Jiayu said: "I vomited and injured in the test, but we can't make excuses for the poor performance. We should think of ways to improve the performance!"

  In order to better complete the 3000-meter race, Xu Jiayu began to reduce body fat. His current body fat rate has reached 9%, and his small goal for the next stage is to control the body fat rate around 7.5%.

Xu Jiayu has gained new gains through the shortcomings of evil complement physical ability, especially the improvement of core strength on both sides is very obvious.

  Xu Jiayu said: “The physical fitness test is like a mirror for athletes. Indicators and numbers will unabashedly expose shortcomings and help us discover and solve problems. The postponement of the Olympic Games has a few people happy and sad, what we can do is make full use of this. It takes years to build a strong physique and hone a tough will." (End)