Badminton Reopening Tournament in Denmark Momota et al. 15 players declined participation October 3, 4:33

Regarding the international badminton tournament to be resumed in Denmark this month, the Nippon Badminton Association announced that 15 Japanese players, including ace Kento Momota, will be withdrawn due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Europe.

The international badminton tournament, World Tour, has been suspended since March, but will resume for the first time in about seven months at the tournament in Denmark on the 13th of this month.

On the 2nd, the Nippon Badminton Association announced that 15 players will be withdrawn after confirming with 23 players scheduled to participate through their teams, saying that the infection has spread again in Europe.

Of these, Ace Momota was scheduled to return to the actual battle for the first time in about 10 months since he was injured in a traffic accident involving him in Malaysia in January.

In addition, Akane Yamaguchi, who is ranked 3rd in the world ranking and has secured the representative of the Tokyo Olympics in women's singles, also declined to participate.

On the other hand, the pair of women's doubles players Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, who won the world championship in a row, and Wakana Nagahara and Mayu Matsumoto, who won the world championships in a row, will participate as planned. In addition, there are eight women's singles, including Nozomi Okuhara, a bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The Japan Rugby Football Union decided to dispatch all the representative players to the expedition when the tour resumed, and had just started a training camp in Tokyo from the 1st, but it will be forced to rethink its strengthening strategy for the Tokyo Olympics.