It has now been just over two years since Lotta Schelin announced that her long and successful career as a football player was over.

Since then, she has been seen in SVT Sports' football broadcasts, as an expert.

Been hesitant about the coaching job

Now she is opening up for another football role: As a coach.

This despite the fact that she has previously been very hesitant to become a coach.

- I will be honest and say that I have had a very hard time seeing it (to become a coach, please note).

I just have not had a desire to become a coach and stand by the field, but I think it is something that can grow as time goes on, she said when she visited Morgonstudion on Thursday morning, and developed her thoughts:

- But I have always had a drive to in some way support or be able to influence in organizations around football, in some way.

So I have that aim set, of course.

But we'll see if it will be on or off the field.