In the first period, the LHC managed to turn Patrik Berglund's delicious shot in the crossbar in powerplay to 2-1 through goals by Patrik Lund and Jonas Junland.

Then the East Goths had no less than four free throws in the middle - where Brynäs goalkeeper Viktor Andrén saved all but Nikolas Pasics, who shot outside.

Three goals

The guests, on the other hand, were effectively worse - when they produced three goals on the total of six shots against Niklas Lundström in Linköping's box office.

Jonathan Sigalet equalized, Johan Alcén steered in the lead puck and Emil Molin put the four.

- It's fun to be back.

It feels like it was a while ago.

You play on adrenaline, previously injured Niklas Danielsson told C More.

- We played a little easier and more powerful in the first period.

We chip the puck and it is our weak game that makes Brynäs get to be in our zone and there they are really good, the home team's coach Bert Robertsson told C More.

- It is important to stay on track, so this should probably go the way, said LHC's Nikola Pasic.

And so right the striker turned out to be few.

Important points

In the third period, Broc Little reduced in game five against three only 5.25 left to the final signal.

And just over a minute later, Jaakko Rissanen equalized by splitting the puck in the net with one more man on the ice.

The LHC not only picked up the two-goal deficit - but also stole the bonus points.

Back Jonas Holös was responsible in the long run for a solo performance where he nicely tricked away Andrén in the box and put the victory puck.

After only one point in the first two rounds of the SHL, the East Goths thus took two very important points.