David Lighty, here last week during the defeat in the Jeep Elite in Dijon, will be one of the Villeurbannais assets this Thursday for the resumption of the Euroleague.



  • Seven months after the interruption of the previous edition due to the coronavirus pandemic, Asvel is back this Thursday (9 p.m.) in the Euroleague, with a first day disputed in Valencia (Spain).

  • Despite the economic crisis, Tony Parker has managed to strengthen the Villeurbanne workforce, which has 15 players to try to hang this season a "license for life" in the most prestigious European competition.

  • Many doubts surround the new coach TJ Parker, brother of "TP" and youngest coach in Euroleague this season (36 years).

“The Asvel is on the right track.

I really like the vision of owner Tony Parker, the structure of the club and the fact that another sporting entity as important as OL has now entered the capital.

This is why Asvel and Bayern Munich are currently our best candidates for the A license. ”These praises coming from Euroleague boss Jordi Bertomeu in an interview with Eurohoops will please“ TP ”, very close to winning his famous "lifetime license" in the most prestigious European competition.

A Euroleague that the Villeurbannais will find this Thursday (9 p.m.) in Valence (Spain), seven months after the interruption of the previous edition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

WE ARE BACK #LDLCASVEL pic.twitter.com/SFI72nP4C2

- LDLC ASVEL (@LDLCASVEL) September 24, 2020

Then coached by Zvezdan Mitrovic, Asvel presented an encouraging record of 10 wins and 18 losses (15th) when it came to the end of its campaign on March 5 at Real Madrid (87-78).

11 players had been used that evening in Spain against probably 14 (including 7 recruits) this Thursday for the first day of the 2020-2021 campaign, thanks to a budget and an increasing wage bill despite the delicate economic context (11 , 90 million euros and 3.56 M €).

Are Tony Parker's new bets with Asvel too risky?


- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) June 25, 2020

If we add to this workforce Guerschon Yabusele, positive for Covid-19 and therefore forfeit this Thursday, we are almost dealing, numerically speaking, with the OL workforce preparing for the reception of OM on Sunday.

“All positions are doubled and even tripled,” notes the giant Moustapha Fall (2.18 m), who arrived this summer from Ankara.

"There are 15 of us and the idea is that we are all interchangeable," adds Captain Charles Kahudi.

We are used to this costume of league favorites and we are not going to hide with such recruitment.


"It's good to see the names of the players on paper, but you still have to play and win," warns US winger David Lighty.

Things are always perfect when you talk about them, but they have to be implemented.

“Proof of this is already in the Jeep Elite since the big favorite lost in opening last week in Dijon (81-74) before recovering without convincing Tuesday in Châlons-Reims (72-85).

Promoted head coach this summer by his brother and president, TJ Parker will have the difficult task of removing the many doubts that surround him, him the youngest Euroleague coach this season (36 years old).


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