Emil Nielsen, the Nantes goalkeeper.




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8:25 p.m .

In 20 minutes, the start of this shock between Nantes and Barcelona ... The room fills up slowly.

4,000 people expected this evening.

And why not hand?

On the

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, we usually offer you football, from time to time rugby, and why not hand?

This Thursday evening (8:45 p.m.), in the group stage of the Champions League, HBC Nantes welcomes the largest club in Europe, Barcelona.

Barça is just nine victories in the Champions League!

A record.

It is above all a team which crushes everything in its path this season with exceptional players such as Mortensen, Entrerrios (the Nantes coach's brother), Fabregas, Dolenec, Mem or Palmarsson.

Nantes is deprived of several holders (Minne, Balaguer, Nyokas, Dumoulin), but the HBCN is capable of everything in front of its public (a little more than 4,000 people at the H Arena this Thursday evening).

In December 2017, the Nantes residents won (29-25) in a molten H Arena.

Can the "H" do it again?

See you soon…

Meeting at 8:30 p.m.

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