There were the black clouds, the ones that do not appear in the statistics.

Nothing seemed to go wrong for Alex Abrines in his third NBA season, well established in the Thunder's rotation.

Not so many can boast of playing 20 minutes a night, of having a defined role in a thriving team.


earn more than three and a half million euros for each course


You have to stop smiling a lot to give up all that by your own decision, he disappeared from the map and the 'what happens to Abrines?'


the recurring question from a distance.

Because it was not just any injury, it was one of those that knock down giants, of those that cannot be cured with surgery.

In February 2019, one of the most talented forwards and the best doll that the Spanish basket ever saw, put u

# / AWnh5JDxeq

- Alex Abrines (@alexabrines) July 3, 2019

And just a year later, after a timid season with Pesic, far from what it was, Abrines resurfaces.

That gawky, but athletically powerful boy, capable of hammering any defense from the perimeter, who, without a doubt, was the natural relief in the Navarro and Rudy Fernández national team, although

something always happened to him with the Spain jersey

(He barely counted in the 2014 World Cup and was injured both in Rio and in the Eurobasket 2017). Abrines smiles and there are reasons.

Personal and sports.

The first is called

Chloe, his first daughter

, and was born in July.

"When you get home and see her face, everything changes," she acknowledges.

Only a few days after Barça signed Sarunas Jasikevicius.

Right before Alex turned 27.


- Alex Abrines (@alexabrines) July 23, 2020

He's a shooter.

Everyone knows them.

My job is to put him in the right place so that he punishes


And Abrines punishes like he used to, amazing in this start of the course.

Accumulate 15 of 27 triples (55.5%) in the five official matches played, a guarantee in the corners, vital to give space to the offensive game of Barça.

Making the absences of Kuric and Higgins not too noticeable.

16.2 points and 17.8 of average valuation and that on Sunday, against Bilbao, he barely played 11 minutes. «I remembered that Saras was hard-hitting but not that much.

But he's good, he knows how to handle it well and he knows when to mark the player and when to say things when you do it well, "says Alex, who

not even Scariolo takes his eye off


Well, she has not forgotten.

From the Carpena rostrum, the coach, who will renew with the Federation tomorrow, the exhibition of those who also have an account to settle with Spain.

The Tokyo Games could be an excellent venue, last year he barely averaged 5.2 points in the Euroleague, where

Barça will

start this Thursday

against none other than CSKA


His best night had been the penultimate, 17 points in Berlin, far from the 25 he made for Lokomotiv in 2016, just before making the jump to the NBA.

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