Kiki Bertens had not expected that she would have a cramp attack on Wednesday in her sensational second round match against Sara Errani at Roland Garros.

According to coach Elise Tamaëla, the Westland is just fit and did not consider giving up for a moment.

"It was such a tough day that even I had to recover this morning", Tamaëla says on

the day after

in Paris in conversation with

"Kiki is doing a bit better, but she still has a lot of muscle pain. We are going to take it easy today."

Rarely did a day without tennis come as called for for 28-year-old Bertens, who played one of the most bizarre matches of her career on Wednesday.

Her game was at times dramatic, but the same was true of her opponent Errani, who had great difficulty with her serve and served underhand several times.

The error festival - 54 and 63 unnecessary errors to the disadvantage of Bertens - led to a third set with no fewer than ten breaks in a row.

The Dutch also had to deal with a cramping attack, which meant that she had to stretch almost after every point.


Bertens about alleged drama: 'Maybe take acting lessons'

Bertens preferred not to use a wheelchair himself

Miraculously, a very emotional Bertens managed to win the match - it became 7-6 (5), 3-6 and 9-7 - but she had to leave the track in a wheelchair due to the pain in her arms, legs and hands. be rolled.

"Kiki didn't want to be in the wheelchair herself and would have preferred to walk off the track, but the cramp shot back in when she got up. It might have looked a bit strange because of that," said Tamaëla, who emphasizes that the cramping attack came out of nowhere. .

"Kiki is just fit, the physical training also showed. Giving up has never been an option. After the game she also said that she was not tired during the game, so the cramp came as a surprise. I think the a combination of tension and cold caused problems. "

Kiki Bertens was driven off the track in a wheelchair.

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'Criticism from Errani is very easy'

Not only the bizarre course of the match and the withdrawal of Bertens, but also the furious Errani was the subject of conversation in Paris afterwards.

The 33-year-old Italian was immensely annoyed by Bertens's behavior and found that the Dutch, who occasionally ran to balls, performed a play.

It was therefore no surprise that the enraged Errani refused to congratulate Bertens after the game and stormed off the track.

The Roland Garros finalist of 2012 said at her press conference that Bertens "played games with her and pretended she was injured".

"During the match I already heard Errani name calling in Italian", Tamaëla said about the consternation.

"It is also difficult to play against someone with cramps, but she should have focused on herself. Errani had a match point and could have decided the match. It is very easy to take that out on Kiki."

Although Bertens is far from pain free at the moment, she will start her third round match against the Czech Katerina Siniakova (WTA-61) on Friday.

"Apart from that cramp she is physically fine. Kiki will be treated today and then we will hit some balls. Hopefully it will go even better on Friday."