They are required to "declare the club, change players, and form a youth team" in a short period of time

"Unacceptable conditions" prevent Quattro and Al Falah from playing in the first division ... and the Football Association pledges to overcome difficulties

  • Quattro won the second division title in its first edition last season.

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  • Ahmed Youssef bin Dorish.

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"Unfortunate conditions" stood in front of the ambition of the Quattro and Al Falah teams to play in the First Division Football League, due to the difficulty of implementing the requirements imposed by the Football Association, which required a long period of time.

The Quattro team had won the second division title in its first edition last season, and the Al Falah team was disbanded as runners-up, and the victory of the two teams and their results were approved by the Football Association, hoping that they would climb in the new season to the first division (amateur), to discover that there are The conditions have to be fulfilled, and it takes a long time.

A source, who refused to be named, described to "Emirates Today", that the conditions set for adopting the ascension of the second-division champion are "impossible", and may be impossible within a short period, after the approval of the leader and runner-up to the first division, which stands in front of Any team desiring to advance to the First Division, or to climb to the Professional League.

List of players

The source emphasized that the second division system depends on the presence of 40 players in the list, 36 of whom are foreign and resident players, in exchange for the requirement that there are only four national players, and the teams are not forced to a certain number of national players in the basic formation, which makes the teams play with a whole team. Of the foreign players or residents with less financial cost, but that is unlike the First Division, which depends on an entire team of citizens, with the presence of foreign players and three residents and births, which requires changing the entire rising team of its players in a short period of time, and without a consensus between My first and second list.


The source also said that the emerging teams must declare their club with the General Sports Authority, in order for the club to be accredited in the First Division, and it certainly has many conditions and requirements, which are difficult to achieve in a short period.

Age difference

The source also confirmed that it is required for the rising team from the second division to the first division to form Sunni teams after the club is declared, which is certainly difficult for a newly promoted club, and it requires it to declare teams of Sunni stages that include a large number of young national players, and within a short period of time.

The source said: "The emerging clubs asked the Football Association to exclude the ascenders from some matters in the first season, to be implemented during the first season, but the conditions were included from the beginning, which caused the efforts of a whole season in the second division."

It is noteworthy that the second league does not have any material prizes for the winners, and the teams bear the wages of the referees, the rental of stadiums and ambulances, which is a condition for the matches, and the Federation does not cost anything except to crown the winning teams at the end of the competition with the championship shield and medals.

Ben Darwish: We will work to address any difficulties the clubs face

A member of the Football Association Board of Directors, Chairman of the Competitions Committee, Ahmed Youssef bin Dorish, confirmed that the Football Association is keen to address any difficulties facing the second division clubs, in a way that ultimately serves the interest of developing the game in general.

He told «Emirates Today»: «We will in the Competitions Committee, in coordination with the Development and Investment Committee of the Federation, to study the conditions of these clubs and overcome any difficulties.

He added: "With regard to the issue of any team in the second division having at least two teams for the Sunni stages, this comes in implementation of the Football Association's regulations in this regard for the participation of any club in a competition in the first team."

The Football Association approves the participation of 20 teams in the second division

The Football Association Competitions Committee, during its last meeting chaired by Ahmed Youssef bin Darwish, member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Committee, approved the teams participating in the second edition of the second division competition for the sports season 2020-2021, which will start its competitions next November.

The competition will witness the participation of 20 teams this season, after last season saw the participation of 10 teams, where the teams of: Al Falah, Al Mouj, Regenol Sport, Al Hazm, City, United, Sport Sport, Aldar University, Al Hilal United, Quattro, Toronto Academy, La Liga, Laval United, Al Nujoom, Al Forsan, Atlético Arabia, Al Ittihad, Rabdan, Liwa and United Sport.

The committee approved the competition regulations in its initial form, and mandated the competition management to prepare it in its final form, and to confirm the contest format in all technical and administrative aspects, and the numbers and categories of players allowed to be registered.

The head of the competitions committee, Ahmed Youssef bin Darwish, confirmed that the joining of 10 teams to participate in the second division competition in its second edition is a positive thing, and will increase the fun and strength of the competition, which witnessed strong competition between the participating teams last season, indicating that the Board of Directors of the Union Football, headed by Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, pays great attention to this competition, which comes within the federation’s strategy towards increasing the registered teams in the country, increasing the number of players, and opening the door for participation to private companies, universities, football academies and others.

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The first-division league system relies on an entire team of citizens, with foreign players and 3 residents and births.

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