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  • Walloon Arrow

  • Van der Breggen wins

  • Men still on the way

  • Finish between 16.18-16.48

Walloon Arrow · a few seconds ago

154 km to go

- Incidentally, there is not much experience in the leading group.

Of the four riders, only Mathijs Paasschens rode the Walloon Arrow before.

Last year he made his debut with a 98th place

Walloon Arrow 3 minutes ago

Another 157 km

- The lead continues to grow.

The difference between the peloton and the four refugees has now risen to 8'20.

3 minutes ago

Walloon Arrow 9 minutes ago

There is the first photo of the moment that Van der Breggen crosses the finish line with a clenched fist!

Walloon Arrow 24 minutes ago

Anna van der Breggen is grateful to her teammates for the victory on the wall of Huy.

She looks back: "It was a very tough race. Today I am very grateful to my team, because they did most of the work. In the final phase I felt the pressure as a result in the duel with Vollering to win. . "

Walloon Arrow 31 minutes ago

Another 174 km

- Back to the men again.

There is now a leading group of four riders.

Mauri Vansevenant (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Aaron van Poucke (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise), Mathijs Paasschens (WB Bingoal) and Marlon Gaillard (Total Direct Energie) fled early in the race.

The three Belgians and 24-year-old Dutchman Paasschens have built up a lead of 4'35 on the peloton.

Walloon Arrow 39 minutes ago

The battle between Vollering and Van der Breggen in the last few meters!


Anna van der Breggen wins the #FlecheWallonne for the 6th (!) Time in a row


Avatar Author Sporza 🚴Moment of places12: 12 - 30 September 2020

Walloon Arrow 42 minutes ago

It is the sixth time in a row that Van der Breggen has won the Belgian cycling classic.

She absolutely did not receive it as a gift, because fellow countryman Vollering made it very difficult for Van der Breggen towards the finish.

Vollering eventually crosses the finish line third.

The Danish Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig comes in third.

Marianne Vos eventually crosses the finish line in ninth place.

42 minutes ago

Walloon Arrow 44 minutes ago


- Van der Breggen is still the strongest and wins the Flèche Wallonne!

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 300 m

- Van der Breggen is not really getting away yet and is even in second position.

Vollering takes over from her.

The world champion does not give up.

Now it is a matter of timing.

Uttrup Ludwig is also participating.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 500 m

- Van der Breggen takes over and leads the way himself.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 2 km

- The road starts to rise and that means that the last kilometer comes towards the wall of Huy.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 3 km

- The pace is high in the leading group, but for the time being the group of about 20 riders will stay together.

The favorites: Van der Breggen, Vos, Moolman-Pasio, Longo Borghini, Deignan, Niewiadoma, Lippert and Uttrup Ludwig.

an hour ago

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 8 km

- Boels-Dolmans, the Van der Breggen team is leading with Amy Pieters.

In this way the team tries to execute the tactical plan perfectly.

The speed is so high that attacks are impossible.

For example, Van der Breggen will be taken to the Wall in a seat

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

9 km to go

- There are still about twenty riders in the leading group.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

11 km to go

- In the meantime, more and more riders drop out.

Vos was also just in third position, but now lets himself down a bit.

She doesn't seem to have her very best legs.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 13 km

- The peloton is still together with of course Van der Breggen and her teammates from Boels Dolmans are there.

The big question is whether someone can keep the Dutch from her sixth victory.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

A photo of the start with the men just now.

They have to travel a total of 202 kilometers.

an hour ago

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 202 km

- There is the official start.

The 166 riders are on their way to the Wall of Huy.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Anna van der Breggen, who took gold twice at the World Cup last week, is hunting for her sixth victory in a row in the Flèche Wallonne.

These are the last 10 winners:

  • 2019: Anna van der Breggen

  • 2018: Anna van der Breggen

  • 2017: Anna van der Breggen

  • 2016: Anna van der Breggen

  • 2015: Anna van der Breggen

  • 2014: Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (Fra)

  • 2013: Marianne Vos

  • 2012: Evelyn Stevens (US)

  • 2011: Marianne Vos

  • 2010: Emma Pooley (US)

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

Another 205 km

- The men are also on the road.

The official start is in less than three kilometers and the race can really begin.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

22 km to go -

We are preparing for the women's final.

Van der Breggen and Vos are where they should be.

Walloon Arrow one hour ago

The men start at 11.30 am in Herve, but the women started very early this morning.

Anna van der Breggen and Marianne Vos, among others, opened the classic autumn 2020 at 08.40.

an hour ago

Walloon Arrow 5 hours ago

The profile of the Walloon Arrow this year.

The riders are faced with ten steep Ardennes hills.

The Waalse Pijl will soon start at 11.25 am.

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