The topic of physical fitness test has been popular before, but Huocheng is the first time...

  In the past few days, various national sports teams have intensively carried out physical fitness tests and used them as a topic for measuring competition results, which has aroused public attention and heated discussions among netizens, and continued to appear in the hot search.

It is a good thing that sports are hot, but this "out of the circle" is accompanied by no small controversy.

  Wang Jian Jiahe’s hot search tags have been read by 200 million, and discussions have reached 65,000.

  For example, in the National Swimming Championships held in Qingdao these days, five athletes, including Fu Yuanhui, Wang Jian Jiahe, and Yu Hexin, who ranked first in the preliminaries, all missed the final due to low physical test scores.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Jian Jiahe also broke the women's 1500m Asian record with a time of 15 minutes 45.59 in the competition.

  In the women's 200m freestyle preliminaries that ended on the evening of the 29th, Wang Jian Jiahe ranked third with a score of 1:58.45, but again, due to physical testing problems, missed the final for the third time.

  The phenomenon of such a departure from external perceptions is due to the new regulations issued by the Swimming Center of the State General Administration of Sports for this event-this event includes physical fitness competitions and swimming competitions.

  The top 16 athletes in the preliminaries are ranked according to their physical fitness scores, and the top 8 athletes in the physical fitness competition enter the final.

This rule means that only players who meet the top 8 physical test rankings and the top 16 preliminaries can enter the finals.

  If the physical test score does not rank in the top 8, you can only accept the eliminated result.

  In the women's 1500m freestyle final of the 18th Asian Games, Chinese player Wang Jian Jiahe won the championship with a time of 15 minutes 53.68 seconds.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  In fact, it is not only the swimming event that "stands" to the C position in this physical fitness test discussion, similar situations have also occurred in the national gymnastics championships held in the past few days.

  Because too many athletes were eliminated due to poor physical fitness tests, in the finals of the women's horse vaulting competition, only 5 people were left participating (normally 8 people).

As a result, the bottom-to-last player in the qualifying round was "added" to the final due to his outstanding performance in the physical fitness test.

  This directly led to a great reduction in the level of competition in the finals. Some athletes even chose ultra-simple moves with a difficulty coefficient of only 2.0, and got the 5th in the country... and such moves appeared in the finals of the national championships, and it was unavoidable to be embarrassing.

  In the final of the National Gymnastics Championships, the difficulty coefficient was only 2.0.

  Also in the National Fencing Championships held on the 29th, none of the women's heavy team champions in the 2019 World Championships was shortlisted in the top 8. Among them, Sun Yiwen and Lin Sheng stopped in the top 16 due to physical fitness tests.

  After the game, the famous Sun Yiwen posted on social media, saying that he would "practice his physical fitness."

  Sun Yiwen social media screenshot

  Netizens have completely blown up these things that "do not meet previous cognition".

  Some netizens said: "Physical fitness can be used as a part of performance, but it is really too absolute as the only thing that determines life and death. After all, physical fitness is to assist professional, and professional still depends on performance. Physical fitness can affect performance, but physical fitness cannot determine performance." "There are specializations in the technical industry, and the athletes who specialize in special training have different muscles..."

  Some netizens also held a positive attitude, saying that exercise and physical fitness are inseparable, and that professional things are still left to professional people.

  Comment screenshot

  So, what do professionals think?

  In this regard, Chen Xiaoping, a researcher at the Institute of Physical Education of the State General Administration of Sports who has been committed to the physical training of sports teams for a long time, said that physical fitness is an important factor in determining athletes' special performance.

  "For competitive sports training, physical fitness is divided into basic physical fitness and specific physical fitness. For a long time, there has been a phenomenon in my country's training industry that emphasizes specific physical fitness over basic physical fitness. To change this problem, it is important to change consciousness and follow science." Chen Xiaoping Say.

  Liu Aijie, chairman of the Chinese Rowing Association and the Chinese Canoeing Association, said in an interview with the media: "With the development of society, the growth channel of sports talents in my country no longer has the perfect'three-level training network' as in the past, especially the physical shortcomings. The shortcomings of basic physical fitness are more prominent than ever."

  Liang Chun, director of the Shooting Center of the State Sports General Administration, believes that during the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the introduction of some new rules also puts forward higher requirements on athletes' physical fitness.

For example, the Olympic shooting event increased the number of bullets in the competition, the flying saucer event increased the number of targets, and a mixed team event was added. As a result, the competition time of athletes was extended, and some excellent athletes could even take part in three events.

  "These have put forward higher requirements for athletes, especially high-level athletes, for their specific strength, endurance, and balance ability. Strengthening basic physical training is for athletes to improve their skills, temper their will and quality, maintain their mental state, and prevent injuries and diseases. All are very beneficial." Liang Chun said.

  In response to Wang Jian Jiahe’s performance in the swimming championship, Song Kai, director of the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, said that Wang Jian Jiahe has been training in Liaoning for nearly six months. She is 1.86 meters tall and it is not easy to pull up. However, her pull-ups in this national championship physical test were full marks, indicating that her physical training was very hard, and her ability to break the record in the competition this time reflects the effect of the previous physical training.

  But at the same time, it can be seen that her physical development is still not balanced and needs to be further strengthened next.

Song Kai said: "Wang Jian Jiahe is a talented athlete. We have high expectations and high requirements for her. Next, we will explore ways to enhance basic physical fitness and specific physical fitness based on the project and personal characteristics."

  Data map: Badminton team members conduct physical fitness test. Photo courtesy of China Badminton Association

  With the National Day period, more and more sports competitions will start one after another, and it is foreseeable that the discussion on physical fitness testing will continue.

  But in any case, as a professional athlete, having sufficient physical reserves is always a necessary condition.

From this perspective, the original intention of pulling physical fitness is not wrong. If a breakthrough is made in physical fitness, it will also help athletes to achieve better rankings.

  But from another perspective, does the combination of physical fitness testing and competition now need to be adjusted?

As Yu Hongchen, vice chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association, said, the association will not only design and launch the 2.0 version of the relevant standards, but also launch a more advanced version 3.0 for the design of the national team world championship model.

  The reporter learned that the competent authority has planned to "prescribe different prescriptions according to different projects" in the future.

There are also media reports that relevant departments have collected opinions from multiple parties, listened to feedback, absorbed suggestions, and incorporated them into the next reform plan, continuously improving the physical fitness evaluation system, and guiding training and competition more scientifically and rationally, so that actual recruitment can be implemented and good deeds. Run well.

  It is worth noting that, also on September 29, the "National Physical Training Camp Base" was officially listed.

In the future, it will undertake the physical training needs of the national teams for summer and winter events, and help each team conduct more scientific and efficient preparation training. At the same time, the "National High-level Sports Performance Coach Training Camp" will be held.

  Comprehensive reports from China Sports Daily, People’s Daily Sports, Workers’ Daily, etc.