China News Service Client, September 28th. On the evening of the 28th, as Chongqing Dangdai beat Shanghai SIPG 1-0, Hebei China Fortune 3:1 Qingdao Huanghai, the first stage of the Chinese Super League ended, and the second stage of the match was officially released.

In the first round, there will be a strong dialogue between Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan, and a "Shanghai Derby" between SIPG and Shenhua.

Chinese Super League second stage matchup chart

  According to the rankings of the two groups, in the second stage of the championship group, Guangzhou Evergrande (1st in Group A) will face Hebei China Fortune (4th in Group B) in the first round, and Shandong Luneng (A3) will face Beijing Guoan (B2). Shanghai Shenhua (A4) played against Shanghai SIPG (B1), and Chongqing Modern (B3) played against Jiangsu Suning (A2).

  In the relegation group, Tianjin Teda (B8) vs. Shenzhen Kaisa (A5), Dalian (A7) vs. Shijiazhuang Yongchang (B6), Henan Jianye (A8) vs. Wuhan Zall (B5), Qingdao Huanghai (B7) vs. Guangzhou R&F (A6).

  According to the schedule, the second stage of the Super League will be held from October 16th to November 12th. The championship group will be played in the Suzhou Division and the relegation group will be played in the Dalian Division.

  Regarding the competition system, the second stage adopts a two-round elimination round, after 3 rounds and 6 games, the final ranking will be produced on November 12.

In the championship group, the team that wins in both rounds enters the next round until the first or second place in the third round, the winner wins the championship.

  Regarding the relegation group, the team that won the first round of the double round will be determined to relegation and will be ranked.

The four losing teams will continue to have a direct dialogue on relegation. Winning in the second round will also confirm relegation.

The loser will have to qualify for the final 15th and 16th place. The 16th place will be directly relegated, and the 15th place will be relegated to the second place in the Chinese Premier League. The winner will qualify for the next season's Super League.