In September alone, after playing full-time for 4 games in a row, Son Heung-min, who started for the 5th game in a row, played only in the first half and was replaced because of a hamstring injury, and Tottenham was in an emergency.

Son Heung-min started with his left wing in the home game of the 3rd round of the 2020-2021 English Professional Football Premier League against Newcastle United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.

He showed a menacing shot, hitting the post twice in the middle of the first half, and played well with a pass that started the opening goal of Lucas Mora in the 25th minute of the first half.

Unfortunately, Tottenham tied the penalty for extra time in the second half and drew 1-1.

After the first half of the game, coach Jose Mourinho subtracted Son Heung-min and replaced Stephen Berchwein.

It was understood as the physical allocation for the final 16 of the 2020-2021 Carabao Cup (League Cup) with Chelsea on the 30th.

However, after the game, the reason for Son Heung-min's replacement was revealed, which was a hamstring injury.

At an official press conference after the game, Morinyu said, "It's an injury. We'll have him out for a while. It's his hamstring."

Hamstring injuries require at least 3-4 weeks to recover, so Son Heung-min may have to stay away from the ground throughout October.

However, the possibility of a long-term colon also appeared.

British media reporter Charlie Eccleshare revealed on a Twitter account that "I replied'yes' when I asked Morinyu if Son Heung-min could be absent for a long time."

Son Heung-min's hamstring injury was predicted to some extent.

Heung-min Son started the opening game of EPL on the 14th until just before Newcastle, the 2nd round of the UEFA Europa League with Lokomotif Plovdiv on the 18th, and the 2nd round of the EPL with Southampton on the 20th, and the expedition to North Macedonia on the 25th. He played all four games full-time until the 3rd round of the KF Scandiya and Europa League.

In these four games, Son Heung-min made a big success by driving 5 goals and 2 assists (4 EPL goals, 1 Europa League goal and 2 assistance), and showed a sprint of tremendous speed every game.

In particular, Morinyu is known to have given instructions such as "Stop Running" and "Stay" on the bench while worrying about Son Heung-min's physical strength in the Scandinavian match.

In the end, Son Heung-min played in the 5th game as a starter in September, but eventually left the ground with a hamstring injury.

His last five games totaled 405 minutes.

Sohn Heung-min's absence is inevitable for Tottenham, which has a tight schedule from Chelsea on 30th to the Carabao Cup round of 16, Europa League playoffs on October 2, and Manchester United on October 5th and EPL Round 4.

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