Data map: Ronaldo in the game.

  Chinanews, September 28th, in the early morning of the 28th, the five major European leagues continued.

In the Serie A and La Liga matches, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, who are known as the "double arrogance", scored goals. The total number of goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in the five major leagues reached 450, ranking first in history, while Messi reached consecutive goals. 17 seasons La Liga scored achievements.

  In the second round of Serie A, Juventus drew with Rome 2:2 away, and Ronaldo scored twice in the game.

As a result, his total number of goals in the five major European leagues reached 450, and Ronaldo was the first player in history to unlock this achievement.

Messi scored two goals in 7 minutes. Since the first goal of his career 14 years ago, Messi has scored 600 goals for Barcelona.

  Messi scored a goal in Barcelona's 4-0 victory over Villarreal, completing the 17th consecutive season of La Liga goals.

Messi's total number of goals in the five major leagues is not much worse than Cristiano Ronaldo, and the healthy competition between the "extreme double pride" will continue.