Nelson Monfort, alone in the world (or almost).



We have perfectly understood that this edition of Roland-Garros special Covid-19 would not be placed in the

Hall Of Fame

of tennis history, but that does not prevent us from keeping more or less smiling.

For that, we can always count on good old Nelson Monfort, always where we do not expect him.

Literally, this time around.

In a video posted on the France Télévisions Twitter account, we see the commentator typing his quiet live, on the terrace overlooking the anonymous court n ° 7, thinking of himself alone in the world while a few meters below is the meeting between the French Elliot Benchetrit and the American John Isner.

With this Roland-Garros behind closed doors, we can hear everything on the court, even Nelson 😂 # RG20

- France tv sport (@francetvsport) September 28, 2020

“Nelson, Nelson!

"Is the new" popopopopopopopololo!


"Excuse me sir (...) Mr. journalist at the top, please", then launches the referee, while the rare pekins present around this match try as best they can to challenge him by throwing "Nelson, hey Nelson!"

Remained unanswered.

John Isner then used the great means by trying to send a bullet on our national Gaston Lagaffe.

Less tact but more efficiency.

Our colleague will somehow end up understanding his ball, under the amused gaze of Benchetrit, who knows the eccentricity of the character.

It must be said that Nelson Monfort was not at his first attempt.

Already in 2016, Andy Murray had demanded that the darling of France TV be taken out of the stands, while he was interviewing one of the Briton's relatives, all in the final against Novak Djokovic!

Sacred Nelson.


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