2020 has been a difficult one for the airline SAS, which has been hit hard financially by the pandemic.

SAS is one of four main partners in the Swedish Olympic Committee, and would be so until 2022. But this spring, the agreement was negotiated, and now the agreement only extends over the Olympics in Tokyo, which was moved to 2021.

But even if the agreement with a main partner in crisis has been renegotiated, SOK's chairman Mats Årjes is not worried.

- There will always be renegotiations and some partner who falls away and someone who comes to.

We have a situation where we have long and strong agreements with large partners that are the basis of SOK's support for the active.

We have no reason to reconsider the level, but we are working to even raise it.

Increased financial support for the active

SOK has even increased the financial support they provide to active people from 2019 to 2020 by a third.

This is because revenues from partners and other revenues in general have increased by approximately 15 million.

- We have actually been able to increase our efforts and financial support for active assets, which in 2019 was 60 million and in 2020 80 million.

Our forecast and hope is that we can increase by a few more kroner to facilitate and contribute to the active people getting as good conditions as they can to perform at the international top level.