41% of the stars of the Arab Gulf League clubs are «Samba Dancers»

The current summer transfer season ceremony is dominated by the Brazilian players, whether they succeeded in retaining their seats for an additional season, or the newcomers, who made up 41% of the volume of contracts, whether in the category of foreign professionals, or at the level of players who have been registered in the category of residents, A total of 83 entries, including 34 Brazilians.

The "samba" sons dominate the club lists, out of 33 nationalities, foreigners form the Arab Gulf League, which is preparing next month for the start of its new season, according to the official lists of the Professional League Committee, as 17 Brazilians imposed themselves as the most foreign professionals in the Arab Gulf League clubs. Brazilians continue to dominate, with 17 players, who have been registered from the clubs in the resident player category.

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