Heung-min Son, who was flying flutteringly, encountered bad luck in the goal and even injured.

Director Mourinho's unreasonable appointment caused injuries.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Son Heung-min started playing for 5 consecutive games after the opening against Newcastle and laid the groundwork for the opening goal in the 25th minute of the first half.

Kane took the pass that Son Heung-min stabbed and connected it with a cross, and Maura rushed to finish it lightly.

Son Heung-min aimed for the goal for 3 consecutive games, but was blocked by the goal.

Both sharp left-footed shots in the 30th minute of the first half, and strong mid-range shots in the 42nd minute of the first half hit the target and bounced.

Son Heung-min received the highest rating in the team even after playing in the first half, but Mourinho said that the reason for the substitution after the match was due to injury.

[Director Murinho/Tottenham: (Son Heung-min) is injured.

(Is it difficult to compete for a long time?) Yes.

(Where did you


?) Hamstring (Thigh muscle.)] It

was a predicted injury.

Coach Mourinho had announced the rotation of the player in consideration of the tight schedule, but

[Director Mourinho/Tottenham (last 16th, the day before the second game of the season): No player (continued) will be playing full time for 90 minutes.]

Sprinter Heung-min Son played the most in full-time for 4 consecutive games for 12 days.

My colleagues were worried.

[Joe Hart/Tottenham Goalkeeper (After 4 consecutive full-time appearances on the last 24th, Son Heung-min): Son Heung-min scored a goal in a state that seemed to have loosened his leg.]

Eventually, he lost Son Heung-min from an injury Tottenham scored a tie for the last minute and drew, and they have a hard time going forward.

(Video editing: Eunjin Choi, CG: Kyuyeon Kim)