He stressed that the national team’s qualification for the World Cup depends on the speed of performance and the sacrifices of the players

Pinto: The UAE, the leader in all fields, deserves a strong team ... Asian and global

  • Pinto: The preparation program includes rallies and friendly matches in October, November and January.



The coach of the first national football team, Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto, confirmed that he came to the Emirates in order to qualify for the 2022 World Cup and the Asian Nations 2023, and that the team, with the capabilities of its players and the support of the Federation and the support of the fans, can achieve this dream, regardless of its current arrangement in His group in the joint Asian qualifiers, especially that he still has four matches, including three matches at home, indicating that he loves the challenge, does not recognize the impossible, and believes that work and diligence are the only weapon that can not deceive a person in reaching his goal.

He said that the next stage will witness gatherings for the team in October, November and January, and a number of friendly matches during it, before entering the official competitions.

Pinto talked about the Emirates and his impression of it after his first visit in his history, and said: “I was surprised by its facilities, architectural coordination, streets, and its superior ability to combine authenticity with contemporary. Its cities are among the most beautiful cities in the world. I visited almost all countries in the world, but I did not expect that there is Developed cities of this beauty and splendor, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, and the UAE has the right to have a team at the level of this development witnessed by the country in all other sectors. The UAE is a pioneer in all fields, and it must have a leading team also at the level of Asia and the world.

The coach said: “After 90 days of assuming responsibility, I learned many things, by leading training in 24 training sessions and one friendly match in the Serbian camp, and I had a clear idea of ​​the team, the capabilities of the players, and a vision of the future, and I am by nature optimistic, and my optimism increased. After the great support I have seen from the officials of the Federation, and from the will and determination of the players, we only need to unite the efforts of the players, management and the public in one direction, in order to present our best.

We are facing a difficult and big challenge, and I love challenges, and I only accept success.

Regarding the features of the agenda and the national team preparation program, Pinto added: “We have drawn up a plan to play two friendly matches in October with Kuwait and Uzbekistan, and in November we are trying to play two additional friendly matches, in order to try some technical plans and tactics, and we are waiting for the support of the Professional Committee to save time and create conditions for the four matches. Friendly, and in January 2021 we have a gathering, and we seek to set up one or two friendly matches during it, and in March we will start the official matches, and it is important for the local league to start so that the player has the opportunity to raise his technical level, so that the player reaches the high and fast pace.

On the purpose of his club visits and meeting with coaches in the past stage, Pinto said: “I consulted with the head of the teams committee Youssef Hussein and the general supervisor of the national team, Mohamed Obeid, to carry out these visits. Work together, because winning and qualifying for the World Cup will be reflected on everyone, and the message that I was keen to convey is that we are one team, teams and clubs, and we must communicate continuously, and it was necessary to get to know the players more through their coaches, and the priority was to visit the clubs that include the largest A number of the national team players, and I sent a message to all of them that the door is open for all players to be in the national team, and we will complete our visits to all state clubs in the coming period.

Regarding the most prominent thing that encouraged him to accept the mission with the Emirates national team, he said: “I found a respectable project and professionalism in the negotiations, and I touched the desire and determination to succeed in managing football in the country, and these data were my top priorities, and therefore everything passed quietly.”

Regarding his opinion of the competing teams for "Al-Abyad" in the Asian qualifiers, namely Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, he explained: “I followed some matches for the competitors, who have some skills and speed. The group's teams are very close in level to each other, even if we implement some instructions and plans, and develop from Our performance is the way I seek. We will surpass them all. We have the ability to do so, but there is nothing easy in football today. "

And whether the UAE national team was able to repeat its experience with the Costa Rican national team in the World Cup, during which it achieved the biggest surprises by qualifying and then reaching the quarter-finals in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, Pinto emphasized: “Yes, we can together, this is my goal, we need a lot of work, and time Long, with the players and clubs, in order to extract their best, and for us, we exploited the external preparation camp in Serbia in the best way. I approached the players, got acquainted with their abilities, and knew my way of working, so I am optimistic about the future. ”

And whether he will maintain his attacking style known in his experience with the UAE national team, he said: “I will play in the same attacking style. The fun in the ball is the attack. I hope to inject the players with offensive thinking, play forward, and fight for victory. My goal is to provide fun. For players before the fans, and this does not mean rush, because I will seek to achieve a defensive balance as well, and my mission will not stop at the feet of the players, but must start from the player's mind, and his psychological and mental readiness, as feet alone are not sufficient to achieve goals in football.

And whether he wishes to have professional players in the foreign leagues under his control, he said: “External professionalism is important, but I look at this from the positive side, meaning that in the case of the Emirates national team there are no players far from me, and there are no obstacles to obtaining their services with the national team. Because foreign clubs control their professionals, and give them limited periods to join their country, and the absence of the phenomenon of external professionalism gave us a good opportunity to do a good preparation period in the Serbia camp, and the UAE was the only team in the world that established a professional and advanced preparation period.

Regarding his criterion in choosing players, and the characteristics he loves about the national team player, he said: "For me, skill is important, but at the same time physical strength, discipline, and the personality of the player are very influential elements in performance."

On the delay in the start of local competitions, and the extent to which this affects the national team, he explained: “The absence of competitions and participations negatively affects the players. The national team player must be preoccupied with football 24 hours until he reaches his highest levels, it is important for me that the player works while he dreams of the World Cup, but With the competitions stopped, there is no work, and the dream of the World Cup is postponed.

And about the importance of having the motivation, motivation and dream for every person, Pinto said: “For me I spend the whole day with football, and my love for the ball pushed me to attend nine World Cup tournaments over the past 36 years in the stands, and in all of them I dreamed of the moment when I lead a team in the World Cup, Until the opportunity came to me with the Costa Rica national team, my dream lasted for a long time, but I never felt despair, and therefore you must believe in what you dream of in order to achieve your dream.

Regarding the conclusions of his follow-ups for our clubs in the AFC Champions League, he said: “I liked the capabilities of the three teams, Al-Ahly Youth, Sharjah and Al-Ain. Each club has a big project, and they all appeared well, especially after a long period of stoppage due to the conditions of the global health model, and there are some players who have noticed My attention ».

National coach:

• «The absence of competitions and participations negatively affects the players, so the national team player must be busy with the ball for 24 hours.

• “I liked the potential of the Al-Ahly youth, Sharjah and Al Ain, as each club has a big project.”

My relationship with Emirati football began in the 1990 World Cup

Pinto talked about his prior information about Emirati football before he went through that experience. He said: “My relationship with Emirati football began a long time ago. In 1990 I was in Italy, and I followed the performance of the Emirates' World Cup from the stadium, because the UAE was in the Colombia team itself. And after that, my follow-up was limited to contracts of some clubs and the national team with senior coaches and celebrities, as well as players, and from here I was convinced that the UAE League is attractive to coaches and distinguished players.

A written message from Bento to the UAE football fans

Regarding his message to the football fans of the Emirati football, and what he wants to say to them in a written written message, coach Pinto wrote: “I dream every day of being in the 2022 World Cup with the Emirates national team..for all the people of the Emirates .. I need your support and your presence in the stands.”

You came to qualify for the World Cup and not to win money

On his initial impression of the white players, he said: “We have a group of highly skilled players, and if we develop some aspects related to speed, team performance, and advanced pressure, we will achieve our goals, and I am optimistic, and I came to win and qualify for the World Cup, not to earn money as some think. I will give everything I have to achieve this dream ».

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