He excelled at possession and suffered a wasted easy opportunity

In numbers .. Al-Ahly youth do not deserve to be out of the Asian champions

Shabab Al-Ahly bid farewell to the Champions League against Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.


Shabab Al-Ahly bid farewell to the AFC Champions League competition from the eighth round of the final in an undeserved way, after receiving a loss against Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia in a penalty shootout 4-3, following the end of the match that brought them together, the day before yesterday, with the two teams tied with a goal for each, in the meeting that witnessed a preference on the part of "Dubai Knights" over the course of the four rounds, but the players wasted easy opportunities and contributed to the match reaching a penalty shootout. WT smiled in the interest of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

Although Al-Ahly youth qualified for the 16th round in a dramatic way, after the AFC considered the defending champion Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia to withdraw from the tournament, due to the team's failure to complete the legal number of players to play matches, which contributed to the solutions of Shabab Al-Ahly second in the second group, four data emerged confirming "Dubai Knights" does not deserve to be out of the Champions League.

The remarkable thing was the great superiority of Al-Ahly youth over their Saudi rival Al-Ahly during the match, the day before yesterday, and he appeared during the "Dubai Knights" advantage in the percentage of possession of the ball throughout the match, which reached 57.7% compared to 42.3% in the interest of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia The number of passes by Shabab Al-Ahly players reached 617, compared to 441 by Al-Ahly players, and "Dubai Knights" outperformed in accuracy of passes by 81.2% compared to 70.7% for the competitor.

As for the second points that confirm that Al-Ahly youth do not deserve to leave the tournament, it is the players wasting many easy opportunities, most notably from Ismail Al Hammadi and fought Suhail and the Spanish Pedro Conde, which were the opportunities that were capable of resolving the meeting in the interest of the "Dubai Knights", on the other hand the danger was absent. Great on the side of Saudi Al-Ahly against Shabab Al-Ahly, as Al-Raqi almost scored a goal in the fourth minute of Syrian Omar Al-Somah's ball with his head and bounced off the crossbar, while Majid Nasser shined in countering a dangerous shot by Hussein Al-Maqhawi in the last minute of the second extra half, While the Saudi Al-Ahly attack did not cause any inconvenience to the Al-Ahly youth defense throughout the match.

And finally, one of the most prominent gains of Al-Ahly youth in the tournament was the great brilliance of both the defense line players and the veteran goalkeeper Majid Nasser, as the team did not enter any goals in the supplementary stage of the group stage, after the "Dubai Knights" beat Iranian Shaher Khodro twice with the same result. With a goal without response, and a tied without goals with Pakhtakor of Uzbekistan, while one goal was conceded by Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia from a penalty kick, after an unnecessary mistake by the Uzbek, Aziz Ganiyev.

The Al-Ahly youth mission arrived in Dubai yesterday, after the end of the team’s career in the continental championship, and the match witnessed Al-Ahly’s youth progress in the first half with a goal by the Uzbek Azizganev, while the Syrian Omar Al-Somah tied in favor of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, and in the penalty shootout he was scored for «Dubai Knights» Each of Yusef Jaber, Aziz Ganiyev and Saeed Ahmed, and Ahmed Khalil and Abdullah Al-Naqbi each wasted, while Hussein Abdul-Ghani, Lucas Lima, Abdul Rahman Gharib and Mu'taz Hawsawi, wasted Omar Al-Somah for the Saudi family.

4 data for the superiority of Al-Ahly youth

- Shabab Al-Ahly excelled in the percentage of acquisition and correct passes.

Realizing the easy chances, but the players squandered them.

The absence of the danger of the Saudi Al-Ahly goal against Majid Nasser.

The defense and Majid Nasser were brilliant in the four matches the team played.

• 57.7% of Al-Ahly's youth possession of the ball throughout the match, compared to 42.3% for Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

• 617 passes for Shabab Al-Ahly players, compared to 441 passes for Saudi Al-Ahly players.

• 81.2% pass accuracy rate for Al-Ahly youth, compared to 70.7% for Saudi Al-Ahly.

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