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My name is Robbert van der Linde and I will keep you informed about the official debut of Ronald Koeman as coach of FC Barcelona here.

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FC Barcelona-Villarreal 4 minutes ago


To say that the hand of Ronald Koeman is already visible is perhaps a bit opportunistic, but the fact is that FC Barcelona is leading 4-0 against Villarreal in the first official match under the Dutch coach halfway through.

Ansu Fati makes the first two goals under Koeman, while Lionel Messi (used penalty) also has his first goal of the season.

Pau Torres makes it all a bit more painful for Villarreal with an own goal, which has no chance.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 6 minutes ago

45 + 1 'GOAL FC Barcelona!


Lionel Messi carelessly gives a nice cross between three men.

The ball is intended for Sergio Busquets, but before the midfielder can reach it, Pau Torres is in the middle.

However, the defender taps the ball past his own goalkeeper into the goal and unintentionally makes Ronald Koeman's debut even better.

6 minutes ago

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 7 minutes ago

Lionel Messi's 3-0 in the picture.

It's not the best penalty the Argentinian has ever taken, but he's in it and that's the point.

This is how you start the new season 💥From the dot, Lionel Messi signs for Barca's third hit: 3️⃣-0️⃣ #ZiggoSport #BarcelonaVillarreal #LaLiga


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FC Barcelona-Villarreal 9 minutes ago

Ronald Koeman watches from the sidelines.

The coach is on his way to a beautiful debut as a trainer in Catalan service.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 10 minutes ago

41 'Coutinho is very close to 4-0 with a half successful volley.

The Brazilian's attempt has a strange bounce and that is why Asenjo has the necessary trouble to tap the ball over the bar.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 11 minutes ago

39 'Villarreal reports again for the goal of Barcelona, ​​but the visitors are called offside.

For the time being, 'El Submarino Amarillo' makes little effort to ruin Koeman's debut.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 16 minutes ago

35 'GOAL FC Barcelona!


Who else but Lionel Messi gets behind the ball and the Argentinian star player also scores his first goal under Ronald Koeman.

That almost goes wrong, because Sergio Asenjo gets a hand behind the pingel.

To his horror, however, the Villarreal keeper sees the ball pass under him and end up in the net.

A dream start for Koeman near Barcelona.

16 minutes ago

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 18 minutes ago

34 '

Penalty FC Barcelona!

Ansu Fati falls to the ground after very light contact with Mario Gaspar.

There doesn't seem to be much going on, but the ball hits the dot.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 19 minutes ago

At 17 years and 332 days, Ansu Fati can become the youngest player ever to have a hat-trick in La Liga.

That record is still held by José Iraragorri, who was 17 years and 337 days old ninety years ago (on February 16, 1930) when he scored three times against Real Sociedad on behalf of Athletic Bilbao.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 24 minutes ago

Goalscorer Ansu Fati is on his way to thank principal Jordi Alba after the opening goal.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 25 minutes ago

26 'There, Messi is also close to his first goal of the new season, but Asenjo prevents that with a great save.

Moments later, with a nice reflex, he also stops Alba from scoring, who tries to surprise the goalkeeper in the short corner.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 27 minutes ago

And also Barcelona's second goal in the Koeman era comes from the foot of Ansu Fati.

The seventeen-year-old attacker is the end station of a razor-sharp counter.

Ansu Fati again!

⚡ Pay special attention to how quickly Barcelona works the ball into Villarreal's goal from the own 16 🤯 #ZiggoSport #BarcelonaVillarreal #LaLiga


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27 minutes ago

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 30 minutes ago

For the archives: the first goal of Barcelona led by trainer Ronald Koeman.


☄️The first official goal under Ronald Koeman is in the name of the little Spaniard 👏🏻 #ZiggoSport #BarcelonaVillarreal #LaLiga


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FC Barcelona-Villarreal 32 minutes ago

20 'GOAL FC Barcelona!


Ansu Fati is the big man of the first minutes under Ronald Koeman at Barcelona.

The youngster is put free in front of the keeper with a nice ball by Philippe Coutinho.

He shoves the ball in as if he has been competing at the highest level for years and doubles the Catalan margin.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 33 minutes ago

It is that there is no audience at Camp Nou, otherwise it would have been on the benches after the beautiful opening goal of Ansu Fati just now.

However, the coronavirus still has Spain in its grip, meaning that no spectators are welcome to celebrate the goal, although there will undoubtedly be loud cheering elsewhere in Catalonia.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 36 minutes ago

15 'GOAL FC Barcelona!


The first goal of Barcelona under Ronald Koeman is a fact, and it is made by Ansu Fati.

Jordi Alba is looking for Lionel Messi from the back line, but still finds it only seventeen-year-old super talent.

He whips the ball into the cross without hesitation.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 37 minutes ago

Frenkie de Jong during the warm-up.

The midfielder plays under Koeman in his beloved position of defensive midfielder.

With Sergio Busquets he has to guard the balance behind the attacking block Coutinho-Griezmann-Fati and striker Messi.

37 minutes ago

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 44 minutes ago

5 'Alba tries to reach Messi with a sharp cross, but keeper Asenjo is in between.

Villarreal is currently withdrawing from its own half and will only bother the Catalans when they come across the center line.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

Here again the starting line-up of Barcelona.

In addition to Lionel Messi, Koeman has reserved basic places for Gerard Piqué, Philippe Coutinho and Frenkie de Jong.


Here's YOUR starting XI for the first @LaLigaEN match of the 2020/21 season!


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FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago


The ball has started, the Koeman era at Barcelona has officially begun!

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

As if the club is not in crisis at all, the 'Cant del Barça' blares through Camp Nou before the start of the game.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

An image that we would not have expected a month ago: Lionel Messi warming up in the Barcelona shirt before a match.

The Argentinian said he wanted to leave, but came back (with the necessary reluctance) and is therefore available for Ronald Koeman.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

So it will be the official debut for Ronald Koeman.

The former national coach of Orange already led Barcelona during three exhibition matches, all of which were won.

Now it is 'all about the real thing' and the pressure is immediately sky-high.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

In any case, Koeman will not take the lead in La Liga with Barcelona tonight.

The Catalans will only come into action in competition for the first time tonight, because they were allowed to start the season later due to their European obligations last season.

Much later was also not possible, as there are already teams with three games played in La Liga this season.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal one hour ago

Ronald Koeman will make his official debut as FC Barcelona coach in fifteen minutes.

In Camp Nou, Villarreal is the first opponent of the Catalans in the new era under the Dutch trainer.

FC Barcelona-Villarreal 2 hours ago

A basic place for Frenkie de Jong in the first official match of trainer Ronald Koeman at FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi, who submitted a departure wish last summer, also appears at the kick-off.

Barcelona takes on Villarreal at 9 p.m.

FC Barcelona:


Sergi Roberto, Pique, Lenglet, Alba;

Busquets, Frenkie de Jong;

Ansu Fati, Coutinho, Griezmann;


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