Hoffenheim defeated the European champion.



Huge surprise in the Bundesliga!

Recent European champion and unbeaten for almost ten months, Bayern Munich fell heavily on Sunday on the lawn of Hoffenheim during the second day of the Bundesliga.

Indeed, the Bavarians lost on the score of… 4 to 1!

We could imagine them riding the Buli after their 8-0 victory on Matchday 1 against Schalke 04.



Hoffenheim dominate a tired Bayern München and break the incredible current series of the European champion.

What an incredible game for the return of our supporters, the football is magnificent and you just have to enjoy it!

#TSGFCB pic.twitter.com/e0yH5oNboB

- TSG Hoffenheim 🇫🇷 (@hoffenheim_fr) September 27, 2020

This defeat also puts an end to its record-breaking streak of 23 consecutive victories in all competitions (!), Which no club in the five big leagues had ever achieved before.

Bayern were undefeated since December 7, 2019 and a 2-1 loss to Mönchengladbach.

It had to happen one day ...


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