Tony Yoka knocked out Johann Duhaupas from the first round, in less than two minutes, on September 25, 2020, in Nanterre.



That's all the magic of boxing.

In a staging worthy of the worst scenarios written by the American wrestling leagues, the spectators of Arena 92 ​​experienced a funny thing on Friday night.

A few minutes after Tony Yoka's speedy victory over Johann Duhaupas, another boxer Raphaël Tronché came into the ring to take the microphone. 

“It's always very easy to say from afar that I'm scared, poo-pants and all.

There's nobody in this ring who's afraid of you, I'm telling you clearly, said Tronché.

On WhatsApp, you said things that had nothing to do with sport, you sent me messages, you insulted me.

I never insulted you.

Me, as I told you: you want to do this fight, we do it.

You end up believing "

Yoka responded calmly, without ensuring that a fight was going to happen.

It would be cool, for sure, now we will see how it is organized, if both parties agree, I will not speak until I have signed the papers, it can talk a lot for nothing.

Raphaël came this (Friday) evening, he did his show.

I felt he was coming.

He knows he missed his chance.

It's been more than two years that I wanted to box him, to make the Championship of France, we made him proposals.


We will quickly know if all of this was just a beautiful scripted trailer for Tony Yoka's next fight.

Hoping that this one lasts more than a minute.

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