Sumo 14th day 2 defeats Shodai and Shosaru both play against Ozeki September 26, 4:02

On the 14th day of Sumo Autumn Basho, the new opening Shosaru, who will take the lead with 2 losses, will face Takakeishō Ozeki, and Masayo Sekiwake, who also loses 2 losses, will play against Asanoyama Ozeki.

On the 13th day of the Sumo Autumn Basho, the new opening Shosaru defeated Takanosho Nobuyuki, who was the first to defend the two losses, while Masayo Sekiwake won the first two losses with Takakeishō Ozeki. did.

With this, Masaya and Shosaru with 2 losses line up at the top, and with 3 losses, both Ozeki of Takakeishō and Asanoyama, and Abusaki and Wakatakakage of the flat curtain are chasing.

Shosaru, who will win the new opening for the first time in 106 years, will challenge Takakeishō for the first time at the end of the 26th.

Ozeki is overwhelmingly superior in the power of witnessing and the horsepower of pushing, but Shosaru is also a sumo wrestling with a sense of dynamism as the name suggests, and since he has been tearing off the white star, if he continues to attack with the moving sumo wrestling, he will win. Can be seen.

Whether the momentum of the new opening, which has been exciting the place right now, will work, or whether Ozeki will show the difference in power and connect hopes for a come-from-behind victory, the biggest expectations are high.

The other top player, Shodai, is playing against Asanoyama, and his past match record is 3 wins and 4 losses.

Masayo is dominant when it comes to fragility, and Asanoyama is dominant when it comes to the right four, but both of them are now trying to raise the white star with the pressure to move forward steadily without being particular about the shape.

Which pressure is better when fighting for each other's advantage and fighting for each other?

It will be the first to test the soil strength.

Two people who lost 3 in the flat curtain, Wakatakakage will face Sekiwake Mitakeumi and Abusaki will face Takanosho, who is the first in the front.