Good evening and welcome to this Europa League live blog.

Here I, Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed of the developments in the PSV and Willem II duels in the third heat.

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Willem II-Rangers FC a few seconds ago


Willem II has started the first European competition in Tilburg since 2005!

Can the people of Brabant celebrate their return to Europe with a victory over Rangers?

Willem II-Rangers FC2 minutes ago

We go directly to Tilburg, where Willem II also hopes to reach the play-offs of the Europa League.

Then the Rangers FC of manager Steven Gerrard must be settled.

Mura-PSV 5 minutes ago

In the play-offs, PSV will take on Rosenborg, which beats Antalyaspor 1-0.

The people of Eindhoven and the Norwegians were remarkably enough together in the group in the Europa League last season.

Then it became 1-1 in Eindhoven and 1-4 in Rosenborg.

Based on those figures, PSV will not mind that the playoff game will be completed in Norway.

5 minutes ago

Mura-PSV 8 minutes ago

PSV simply to Europa League play-offs

PSV has reached the Europa League


without having to make excessive efforts.

The people of Eindhoven are 5-1 too strong for Mura in Slovenia.

For a moment, all PSV players were shocked when Nino Kouter undo Donyell Malen's opening goal.

Mauro Júnior, however, recovers the lead a few minutes later, after which the margin is only further expanded in the second half by two goals from Cody Gakpo and one more from Malen.

Mura-PSV 12 minutes ago


PSV wins 5-1 on a visit to Mura and reaches the play-offs of the Europa League.

Mura-PSV 16 minutes ago



There is the final chord for PSV.

Denzel Dumfries gets the back line and gives hard and low front.

Since the players of Mura are not too busy with solid defense anymore, Cody Gakpo is completely free to shoot in his second of the evening.

It will then be a big victory for the Eindhoven team.

Mura-PSV 16 minutes ago

89 'Madueke is still looking forward to it and slips past it on the right.

However, the cross of the eighteen-year-old substitute is cracked and bumps into Obradovic's arms.

16 minutes ago

Mura-PSV 22 minutes ago

85 'The match drags itself somewhat dutifully to the end.

PSV does not put too much energy into it, while Mura is through the forces.

Mura-PSV 30 minutes ago

75 'After two assists, Bruma is eagerly looking for a goal.

However, this shot from the Portuguese is no more than a weak roller, which can easily be picked up by Obradovic.

Mura-PSV 33 minutes ago

72 'Malen passes at speed, but then goes to the ground.

It is difficult to see if he himself becomes unbalanced or is tapped by a defender.

The referee rules that there has been no violation and allows play to continue, which ends up with a reproachful look from Malen.

Mura-PSV 36 minutes ago

Thanks to this goal by Donyell Malen, PSV will already focus on the play-offs, although this game must of course be brought to a successful end.


Malen is making his second of the evening!

[1-4] 🔥🔥 #veronicainside #uel #murpsv


Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places20: 23-24 September 2020

36 minutes ago

Mura-PSV 39 minutes ago

67 '

Post Mura!

For the second time after the break, the home team hits the post.

A cross from the left bounces in front of Horvat, who immediately lashes out.

Mvogo has no chance, but is saved by the post to his left.

It pleads for the Slovenes to keep trying.

Mura-PSV 42 minutes ago



If the game has not yet been decided, it is certainly the case now.

Donyell Malen takes a tight pass from Bruma on the verge of offside with the right and finishes nicely with the left for his second goal of the evening.

Mura-PSV 42 minutes ago

62 'Dumfries makes itself a bit too wide in a duel and gets yellow for it.

"Such a foul is just yellow", we hear the referee say to the PSV captain.

That is the advantage of playing without an audience, everything on the field can be heard.

Mura-PSV 44 minutes ago

Cody Gakpo's 1-3 in the picture.

The young attacker is launched at the perfect moment by Bruma, has to regain his balance and then shoots the ball decisively into the far corner.


GOAL: Cody Gakpo increases PSV's lead against NS Mura: 1-3!

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Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places20: 13 - September 24, 2020

44 minutes ago

Mura-PSV one hour ago

60 'Kouter can run after a slipper from Teze and lashes out.

The ball goes straight for Mvogo, but the goalkeeper chooses to box it away.

In any case, the Slovenes are still trying to make something of it.

Mura-PSV one hour ago



Bruma sends Cody Gakpo deep at just the right time, giving the young attacker free passage.

He almost stumbles over his own feet, but the completion is convincing.

Surely this should already be the decision in the game.

Mura-PSV one hour ago

51 'A sharp cross from Dumfries almost reaches Gakpo, but the keeper is in the way in time to pick the ball away from the feet of the substitute.

Mura-PSV one hour ago

46 '

Post Mura!

PSV is apparently still in the dressing room with the thoughts, but is lucky that Mvogo is sharp.

The keeper taps a hard header from Bobicanec against the post with an excellent reflex and thus prevents Mura from coming alongside for the second time.

an hour ago

Mura-PSV one hour ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Slovenia.

Both teams came out of the dressing room unchanged, although PSV has already made a change when Maxi Romero had to be relieved by Cody Gakpo after ten minutes.

Mura-PSV one hour ago


PSV is looking for the changing rooms in Slovenia with a 2-1 lead against Mura.

Donyell Malen opens the score by scraping in a free kick from Philipp Max, but sees the home team surprisingly come alongside a few minutes later via Nino Kouter.

Mauro Júnior restores the lead for PSV, however, again after preparatory work by Max.

Willem II-Rangers FC one hour ago


And these names send Steven Gerrard into the field for the duel with Willem II:

Rangers FC: 


Tavernier, Helander, Goldson, Kamara;

Davis, Kent;

Barisic, Hagi, Morelos;


Mura-PSV one hour ago

42 'The Slovenes are especially constructively very weak, but because PSV is also very sloppy, the Eindhoven players cannot fully take over this game.

Mura-PSV one hour ago

Mauro Júnior's 1-2.

Also note the once again decisive role for left back Philipp Max, who shows an absolute reinforcement in his first matches for PSV.


GOAL: Mauro Junior brings PSV back in the lead!

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Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places19: 36 - September 24, 2020

Willem II-Rangers FC one hour ago


Willem II continues the hunt for a ticket for the group stage of the Europa League against Rangers FC (kick-off 9 p.m.).

This is the position of the Tilburgers:

Willem II: 


Kohn, Holmen, Peters, Nelom;

Llonch, Saglam, Saddiki;

Tresor Ndayishimiye, Nunnely, Pavlidis

All the boys #WILRAN #UEL


Avatar AuthorWillem IIMoment of places19: 31 - 24 September 2020

Mura-PSV one hour ago

The PSV players celebrate the opening goal of Donyell Malen.

That early lead was quickly given away at first, but has since been restored by Mauro Júnior.

Mura-PSV one hour ago

PSV does not have too much to fear from Mura in the first half hour, except for the goal against.

If the Eindhoven residents remain concentrated, they should be able to beat the Slovenes with ease.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

30 'Filipovic throws the beech in and knocks Mauro Júnior over hard.

That will be the midfielder of Mura on a dark yellow card from referee Schärer.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago



Again Philipp Max is at the base of a PSV goal.

A low cross from the German is worked into the goal by Mauro Júnior in two instances.

PSV will be keen to keep the lead now.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

However, PSV cannot enjoy the lead for long.

The defense really just watches how Nino Kouter pushes the equalizer into the long corner.


The lead is short-lived: Mouter shoots NS Mura at the same height.

[1-1] #veronicainside #uel #murpsv


Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places19: 23 - 24 September 2020

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

Donyell Malen's 0-1 in pictures.

The striker hits a free kick by Philipp Max with his hair points and extends the ball into the goal.



Donyell Malen heads PSV ahead against NS Mura!

[0-1] 🔥🔥 #veronicainside #uel #murpsv


Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places19: 20 - 24 September 2020

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

21 'GOAL Mura!


There seemed to be nothing wrong for PSV, but out of nowhere the home team came to the same level.

The Eindhoven defense hardly intervenes and has Nino Kouter moored.

He sees his slider end up in the far corner and puts Mura next to PSV again.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago



Philipp Max takes a free kick dangerously into the penalty area.

Donyell Malen estimates the ball best and grazes it just enough to hit with a bounce.

Remarkably, it is only the first goal against Mura this season.

The Slovenians will now have to come a little more, which should leave room for the fast PSV attackers.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

13 'The first big chance of the match is for the Slovenes.

Horvat tests Mvogo's reflexes with a well-placed shot.

The PSV goalkeeper cannot clamp the ball, but has it again just in time before Zezik can become dangerous in the rebound.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

10 'Romero sits down again and cannot continue.

A big setback for PSV so early in the match, but of course especially sad for the Argentinian himself, who is relieved by Cody Gakpo.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

8 'Romero lies on the ground and grabs his knee with a face contorted with pain.

It would be very sad for the Argentinian if he now gets injured, while he was awarded his first base place at PSV tonight.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

7 'Max again shows an attacking back and comes through over the left.

His hard cross is only just missed by the striker duo Malen and Romero.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

5 'As expected, PSV takes the initiative in the opening phase.

Mura withdraws to his own half and only harasses the people of Eindhoven when the center line has been passed.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago


PSV has started the European adventure!

To reach the play-offs for the Europa League, Slovenian Mura has to be settled.

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

The warm-up has now been completed and the players go to the field to get ready for kick-off.


#MURPSV 𝘓𝘖𝘈𝘋𝘐𝘕𝘎▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▯ ▯ 80% #UEL


Avatar Author PSVMoment of places18: 44 - September 24, 2020

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

Ten minutes before PSV's first European game led by Roger Schmidt.

First European game in #KapitelSchmidt 🇩🇪 #MURPSV #UEL


Avatar Author PSVMoment of places18: 22 - 24 September 2020

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

For the sake of completeness, here is the line-up of Mura, who can participate in the preliminary rounds of the Europa League because last season managed to win the Slovenian cup.

Line-up Mura

: Obradovic;

Stocking, Karnicnik, Gorenc, Sturm;

Kozar, Horvat;

Bobicanec, Kouter, Filipovic;


📝I 11 ČARNO-BEJLIH ZA SPECTACLE ⚫️⚪️ #mismomura # čarnobejli #EuropaLeague


Avatar Author NŠ Mura Moment of places 18: 21 - 24 September 2020

Mura-PSV 2 hours ago

It is a special evening for Pablo Rosario.

The 23-year-old midfielder will play his 100th official game in the PSV shirt.

Mura-PSV 3 hours ago

The PSV match kit is already ready in the dressing room.

In half an hour there will be kick-off in Slovenia.

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