Sumo Autumn Basho Hirakuma Kiribayama Tomorrow to re-enter September 24, 15:38

Kiribayama Tetsuo, who had been closed from the 10th day due to a pain in his left shoulder at the Sumo Autumn Basho, will re-enter from the 13th day on the 25th.

Kiribayama hurt his left shoulder when he was defeated by Takakeishō Ozeki on the 9th day at the current location of the 5th frontal piece, and was closed from the 10th day due to "suspicion of damage to the left shoulder plate". I did.

After the closure was decided, his teacher, Rikuoku, said, "I will not let you re-enter if you force a strange sumo wrestling," but it was decided to re-enter from the 13th day of the 25th.

Kiribayama will play against Daieishō Sekiwake.

Kiribayama's record until the 24th is 6 wins and 4 losses, with a two-day break.