Denver fell back to 2-1 in their confrontation with the Lakers in the conf 'final.


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Denver, saved by the coolness of the talented Jamal Murray late in the game, resisted the impressive comeback of the Lakers (114-106) and revived in the Western Conference Finals in the NBA, closing the gap at 2-1, Tuesday at Disney World.

Aggressive as they should be, with their backs to the wall after two defeats, the last of which was difficult to swallow after a shot at the buzzer from Anthony Davis, the Nuggets showed that they had digested this episode well and were the best team on the floor.

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But this domination, which peaked at 20 points at the very end of the third quarter, turned into failure in the space of six minutes, where losses of balls - six in a row!

- in baskets against counterattacks, the gap has been reduced to three points.

Denver squeezes butt but comes out

A miracle for the Lakers, totally underwater for three quarters and who saw themselves trapping the Nuggets at their own game, that of the fantastic lifts that allowed them to find themselves at this stage of the play-offs at the expense of the Clippers.

But, confused and experiencing the difficulty of keeping an advantage as substantial as it is, they were saved by Murray (28 pts, 12 assists, 8 rebounds) author of two long-distance baskets and some decisive offerings in the money-time that came to put out the fire.


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