In June last year, Caroline "Carro" Djupsjö pulled off the cruciate ligament and injured the meniscus.

An extra heavy message because it was the second time in her career she pulled off a cruciate ligament.

But after a tough rehabilitation, she is now back in earnest.

During the World Cup, which was run at Valdosta Wake Park north of Florida this weekend, the 29-year-old took home both silver and bronze.

- I really want to thank my knee that lasted for three days competing, she says to SVT Sport.

The silver was taken in the class "Traditionals" where Djupsjö got 91 points, five points behind the winner Anna Nikstad from the USA.

She took the bronze in the class "Features".

Taken four European Championship golds

For the past fifteen years, she has lined up wins and podium places in both championships and on the Wakeboard World Series tour.

Among other things, three fourth places from the WC 2018, four EC golds and a handful of SM golds.

In addition, she was the first European woman in the world to set a double volt (2015).

ARCHIVE: Here Carro Djupsjö puts the dream trick - SVT Sport met the star in 2016:

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SVT Sport meets wakeboard star Caroline Djupsjö.